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Statim G4 2000 and Statim 5000 G4, Welcome to the future of dental sterilization, Statim G4 brought to you by SciCan, your infection control specialist. The Statim G4 series, the next generation of our signature Statim sterilizer has been dramatically upgraded with cutting edge technology, providing a level of connectivity never before seen in the dental market. Connectivity that brings you unprecedented real-time support, data collection and logging and off-site data storage all easily accessed via a new touchscreen interface. This, in addition to the same leading features, our customers have always trusted for over 20 years. SciCan signature, steam technology, the fastest, gentlest sterilization available today and Dri-Tec technology that ensures your instruments come out dry each time.

Statim G4 2000 and Statim 5000 G4, the features that made Statim G4 the standard in infection control in the dental office have now been significantly advanced, beginning with the new world of sterilizer options made possible via the Statim G4’s Ethernet connection. Staff can instantly view the status, print any cycle ever run and store all records on the cloud for safekeeping. Should the Statim G4 ever need attention, diagnostic information is sent via email to pre-selected dealer service reps drastically reducing downtime. The dealer is given a security token by the office staff, which allows the technician two hours of remote access to review the cycles or run and watch a live cycle from their own service center, computer, smartphone or any web-enabled device. This saves a costly and time-consuming service trip to the office just to diagnose a problem.

Scican G4 service techs can also record any work done on the Scican G4’s web portal allowing all techs to view the repair history and streamline repairs. As software upgrades become available SciCan initiates online firmware updates, ensuring your Statim continues to offer the most sophisticated user interface the industry has to offer. Features like Advanced Data Collection, make managing information fast and efficient. Through the G4’s networked portal, the Statim’s current status can be viewed and all cycles and cycle graphs can be examined. Data logging is also automated. The USB flash drive, engaged in the front of the unit will also record all cycles and include the unit serial number, date, cycle number, any area codes and the confirmation of a completed cycle, including all times, temperatures and pressure associated with the successful cycle. With features like these you would expect an innovative user interface and the Scican G4 delivers. A new large 3 1/2 inch high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display for all Scican G4 operations and options, with a status bar at the bottom to immediately tell you if attention is needed.

Statim G4 2000 and Statim 5000 G4, a live action graph shows the sterilization cycles and progress, a feature that enables office personnel and service techs to view the cycles remotely. Should the completion of a sterilization cycle ever be in question, the last five cycles are available to view directly from the color LCD screen. While the Statim G4 is designed for ease of use, if clarification on any aspect of operation is required, instructional tutorial slide shows are available to view on the bright high resolution touch screen. The Scican G4 also protects patient’s safety, by a verifiable process that is PIN-protected. The latest generation of Statim has been modernized with a new sleek and contemporary look. The Statim G4 is complemented with an optional matching silicone STATmat to protect and keep the unit looking brand new for years. Another optional new feature is our STATflow waste bottle. Because all Statims’ use fresh steam distilled water on each cycle for gentler sterilization and better performance, the new STATflow waste bottle is a plumbed permanent under the sink option to handle all wastewater. Imagine no cleaning or dumping of the waste water bottle, ever.

Statim G4 2000 and Statim 5000 G4, the new and highly innovative Statim G4 series, infection protection designed to ensure you have constant support, support through industry-leading connectivity, un-rivaled data collection and logging and an advanced touch screen designed to provide all the information you require at the exact moment you require it. Statim G4, the future of dental sterilization.

If you have any questions about Statim G4 2000 or 5000 please do not hesitate to reach out via any channel, email us at info@statimusa.com or call us at 704-966-1650. You can also visit us on the web at StatimUSA.com.

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