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Tuttnauer Autoclave Products

When you’re looking for quality sterilization products that are also affordable, our Tuttnauer Autoclaves for sale might be exactly what you need. We have Tuttnauer Autoclaves that feature either manual or automatic operation systems. They come with safety features that surpass everything else on the market, such as constant temperature monitoring. Whether you want a refurbished Tuttnauer Autoclave or a brand-new one, we have it at Statim USA. Our team works hard to provide you with unbeatable products and customer service. If you’re unsure about which autoclave will best match your purpose, give our experts a call. We’ll match you with something that will maximize the results you want and need.

Autoclave Sterilizers – New, Used, & Refurbished

The Statim USA shop is where you will find sterilizers and autoclaves for sale, as well as other medical instrument cleaning machines. We offer new, used, and refurbished autoclaves to better fit your needs and budget. New autoclaves sterilizers are direct from the manufacturer with unbeatably low prices. Our demo (used) and refurbished sterilizer autoclaves have been fixed, repaired, or rebuilt by certified, manufacturer-trained technicians ensuring like new quality and performance at a discounted price that works great for smaller budgets. They’re quality assured and verified to function correctly before we sell them.

Browse our categories to the left to narrow your search by top autoclave brands such as SciCan, Tuttnauer, Midmark, and more to find the highest quality and most reliable sterilizers on the market. Shop the Statim USA selection to find new, used, and refurbished autoclaves and sterilizers for sale at a price that cannot be beat!

Sell Us Your Autoclave - Dead or Alive

Do you have an old autoclave or sterilizer that you’d like to get rid of? 

Perhaps you would like to trade it in and use that money as credit towards a new or refurbished autoclave or sterilizer from us.