Are you having an issue with your Autoclave?
Are small problems causing a lot of downtime?

How does it work?

We have several ways to help you with technical problems you’re having with YOUR SCICAN, MIDMARK, and TUTTNAUER autoclaves. There is no need to worry about losing more time to get your autoclave up and running. All you have to do is contact us so we can help you get your machine operational, and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

What are the choices for this FREE program?

FREE Technical Support via phone to prevent the cost of an in-house service call!

FREE Virtual Tech Support by Video Chat, Photos, Videos, or Text at your convenience!

FREE How to Videos for the time crunched individual – learn on your own time!

What exactly is required and recommended for my unit?

Each support call is handled according to the specific issue you call about. We service any make and model of SciCan, MidMark, and Tuttnauer Autoclaves. With that said, we help you according to the manufacturer recommendations to ensure your unit remains operating at its optimal capacity.

Statim G4 2000

Statim G4 5000

Statim 2000

Statim 5000

Midmark M7

MidMark M9

MidMark M11

Tuttnauer Manual Models

Tuttnauer Automatic Models

Bravo 17v

Bravo 21v

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