Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions

National Loaner Program For Demo Unit Autoclaves

SAS is dedicated to pairing practicing professionals with the perfect equipment for superior sterilization options. We have thousands of customers who require different needs therefore allowing us to meet each need in a very targeted and beneficial creative way.

No matter what your current situation or future needs may be SAS exists to provide you with the right sterilizer autoclave at the precise time for your practice need! We created a National Loaner Program in order to meet the growing needs of our clients!

Our options offer customers flexibility and competitive rates and allows our customers to take advantage of our programs for optimal peak periods, substitution for out of service units and protection against market uncertainty.

Get Started With Your New Loaner!

Simply pay the first week fees plus shipping up front and choose your machine.

  • Statim 2000
  • $250 per week
  • Statim 5000
  • $300 per week
  • Enbio S
  • $250 per week

If you have any questions about cycle times or capacity, then feel free to call us today at 704.966.1650 Option 2 to expedite the lease to own process!

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    The Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions Difference

    Cost Control

    Our software constantly scans the marketplace for the very best pricing present and future.  Knowing the costs in advance allows for more precise budgeting for our clients.

    Flexible Options

    We offer flexible payment options based on your individual need and the needs of your business.  Just ask your customer service representative for our flexible pricing options.

    Cash Flow Savings

    Leasing instead of buying is a great way to control cash flow.  Talk to your Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions manager to get the best option for your company.

    Tax Efficient

    Our lease programs enable our customers to offset the lease fees against taxable profits.