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Refurbished Statim 5000 Autoclaves
Find high quality Refurbished Statim 5000 Autoclave Sterilizers from Statim USA. When compared to a new unit, buying a refurbished model offers many benefits. Reconditioned units offer you the same sterilization quality as a new autoclave at a lower price point allowing you keep your costs down.

When you purchase a Statim 5000 sterilizer that has been refurbished by Statim USA, you ensure that the machine has the highest quality refurbishment and functions accurately. Our technicians are trained directly by SciCan manufacturers, so they have the experience, knowledge, and skills to perfectly repair their models. We verify the functionality of each and every autoclave we recondition to operate as if it were new.

Not only do we guarantee our autoclave sterilizers, but we offer free shipping on all our units and either a one or two year warranty. When shopping for a refurbished SciCan autoclave, don’t settle for a questionable product. Order from the best; shop refurbished Statim 5000s from Statim USA.