Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is excited to introduce Stanley Sterilizer, Your Virtual Autoclave Technician!

704-966-1650 Option 3

Stanley Sterilizer Your Virtual Tech allows you to contact us directly in several formats about the problem you are having or even to gain the training you need. No longer will you have to try and schedule a service call in between patients or even delay a patient’s appointment for small issues. Just send us the information through any of the formats available and go back to your priorities while Stanley reviews your content. Once a solution is reached, Stanley will return a video/call/text explaining the issue as well as the steps needed to resolve it.

We have set out to utilize technology so that anyone, anywhere, at any time could communicate with us and share questions or issues about their Autoclaves or Infection control products. This enables us to work on the problem, while you focus on the priorities you have in your practice.

Over the phone technical support is great, however it can be time consuming and important details can inadvertently be missed. By using technology that supports live video interaction, the technician can look for problems that can go unnoticed by untrained observers. This can save time, money and make sure staff is spending time where its best utilized.

Connect with Stanley Sterilizer!

Options Available:

Live Video Chat – Contact us through the video app and chat live to share the problem directly. This will allow us to ascertain the fault rapidly and help you troubleshoot your autoclave while we are on the chat. Speaking face to face with a technician directly can minimize the amount of time that email or phone calls allow for.  If you do not have video chat available on your device, no worries, we will send you a zoom link to join a video conference live.

Send/Receive Photos –Upload photos of your problem directly to Stanley. We will review the photos, troubleshoot your issue and respond with an explanation of what’s happening as well as a plan of action for repair.

Send/Receive Videos –Upload videos of your problem directly to Stanley. Often there is a sound or visual prompt that you are unable to capture with a photograph. For this reason, you can take a video of your issue and send it directly to Stanley so it can be reviewed. We will send a short video response showing you what the problem is as well as an explanation of how it can be repaired.

Send/Receive Text – Texting is still a very popular way for many practices to contact us with their problems. When you text Stanley you will be connected to a technician that can troubleshoot, diagnose, and give you a plan of action to get your autoclave back up and running in a timely manner.

*Free Tech Support phone line is 704-966-1650 option 3

To reach us directly through Google Duo, use our Google ID:
To reach us directly through messenger or facetime on Apple Devices, use our Apple ID:
To reach us directly through Skype, use our Skype ID:
To set up a Zoom virtual meeting, please email us directly at

The Video/Photo/Text options are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. If it is after normal business hours the response may be delayed until the following workday A.M. but you can rest assured that it will still be a rapid response so you don’t lose office time due to a unit being down.