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Are Refurbished Autoclaves Right for Your Business?

Businesses all around the world use various autoclaves for their sterilization purposes. Autoclaves are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make sure reusable tools and equipment are properly sterilized before being used again. But unfortunately, sometimes budgets don’t allow for a brand new sterilizer. This is where refurbished autoclaves come in.

Refurbished autoclaves are a more budget-friendly option but still offer the same great sterilization benefits. And when you buy refurbished autoclaves from Statim USA, you can rest assured you’ll be purchasing quality equipment.

About the Midmark M11

If you’re in the market for one of the best autoclaves, new or refurbished, you should consider a Midmark M11. With four pre-programmed sterilization cycles and the ability to create cycles for different sterilization needs, the Midmark M11 makes sterilization easier than ever. Not only does this autoclave have a large capacity water reservoir, meaning filling less often, but it has indicator lights to show which stage the sterilization process is at and the total cycle time is less than 28 minutes total. So if your business is looking for a new autoclave, consider the Midmark M11 for your sterilization needs.

About Statim USA

Statim USA is a family-owned business that has been selling and servicing high-quality autoclaves for 10 years. We offer both new and refurbished autoclaves to fit it any kind of budget. And if you have an autoclave that needs repair? We can take care of it.

Our team is confident in the quality of each and every product we sell. Before selling, we make sure our units are ran a minimum of 25 complete cycles to ensure the quality is up to par. So our customers can know that they’re making a good purchase.

Whether you’re looking to buy equipment, have repairs done, or just have questions about autoclaves, call us today.