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How to Connect a Waste Bottle Fitting on a Scican Statim 2000 or Scican Statim 5000 Waste Bottle

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This video will show you how to connect the waste bottle fitting to your Scican Waste Bottle.

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Real quick I’m going to show you how to install a waste bottle fitting on a Statim 2000.

This is real easy.

It will come with a nut, a ferrule, and then there is a little locker spring in there. That will come screwed to the top of the bottle like this (shows in video)

From there you unscrew it and make sure the end tip of your hose is nice and round and you push it in through the opening. It will lock into place where it is supposed to be.

Then you take the hose and push it through the opening in the lid and while holding it down you spin the nut down onto the threads in the lid until it is secure.

One thing to see is that the retainer ring, ferrule, and nut do come off. If you need to put them back on the nut goes firs then the retainer, and finally the ferrule.

You will see that as you tighten the nut they will all act together and lock the hose in place and prevent leaking.

To connect the hose you just push in the ring on the back of the autoclave and insert the hose until it meets resistance. You can then tug it a bit and insure that it doesn’t come out.

Thank you for watching. Please let us know if there is something else we can help you with.

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