How to Pack Your Autoclave Into a Box We Send
In this video we show you how to package your autoclave in a box that we can send to keep your machine safe during shipment.

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We often times send boxes empty to customers to return their machines back to us. When you receive the box there will b a prepaid label inside. Make sure you find that and take it out.

To start you open the box and remove the top styrofoam and loose bubble-wrap and set it aside.

Next you remove 2 pieces of styrofoam from one side of the box and set them aside also.

Then you get your machine ---


--- take it and place it inside the box against the styrofoam that is on the side. Please remember to keep space in front of the autoclave. as well as the back of the autoclave.

Now take the two pieces of styrofoam that you set aside and place them inside the box along the side of the autoclave. Insure they are placed firmly down against the bottom of the interior.

The next step is to take the loose bubble wrap and press it down evenly between the space at the front of the autoclave and the back of the autoclave. This will insure safe shipping and keep the autoclave from being damaged and incurring more repair charges.

Finally just place the top styrofoam on, close the box, tape it well, and place the prepaid label on top.

Your autoclave is now ready to ship.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 704-966-1650.

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