Scican Statim 5000 Biological Filter and Preventive Maintenance
Here we have a Scican Statim 5000 repair on the bench that is in for some Preventive Maintenance work, and one of the checks is the Biological Filter.

The manufacturer states that for optimum performance your Biological Filter should be changed “Every 6 Months” or “Every 500 Cycles” whichever comes first.

However… if you notice… this one has quite a bit of dirt and debris in it. If that happens prior to 6 Months or 500 Cycles it should still be changed. stocks and sells these parts…

and you can also phone in your order at 704-966-1650…Press Prompt 1 for Sales.

We also provide FREE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS that takes the guesswork out of knowing when this is needed.

It is FREE to sign up and we will reach out to you by phone to let you know whether the time has expired or not.

Give us a call or visit us at

Need a Statim 5000 Biological Filter? We have them here:

Need a Statim 5000 G4 Biological Filter? We have them here also:
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