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When it comes to sterilizing equipment, there’s no room for error. Whether it’s in a tattoo shop or the medical industry, sterilization should be a top priority. Fortunately, there are refurbished autoclaves that can give the necessary level of sterilization. Refurbished autoclave sterilizers are used in a variety of industries and businesses around the world because of their sterilization abilities. But why should your business use an autoclave? And which refurbished autoclave is right for you? This article is going to discuss the benefits autoclaves can offer and a few reasons you may want to consider a Scican Bravo 17V.

Benefits of an Autoclave

The functions of autoclaves include sterilizing equipment, instruments, and other items or materials. Autoclaves can sterilize solids and liquids of all shapes and sizes. The pressurized steam within an autoclave reaches 270 degrees Fahrenheit, 30 psi, which is adequate for destroying most of the contaminants regularly found on reusable tools and equipment. This steam is key to the success of an autoclave. While many businesses use boiling water for sterilization purposes, they don’t necessarily get the level of cleanliness an autoclave can offer. This pressurized steam increases the device’s ability to kill existing germs and bacteria. Without this steam, the level of sterilization would decrease significantly. Overall, an autoclave works to eliminate contaminants and make the equipment and tools safer for both the business and their customers or patients.

Why Choose the Scican Bravo 17V?

If you’re looking for one of the fastest autoclaves available today, you may want to consider the BRAVO line. With the perfect blend of speed and chamber capacity, daily sterilization tasks will be a breeze. With one push of a button, users can choose the appropriate sterilization cycle for their equipment and sit back while the magic works. Furthermore, this model of autoclave offers outstanding data storage. This allows users to keep accurate records of previous cycles and allow for simple, efficient storing and viewing of records. The Scican Bravo 17V is a versatile, quick, and efficient device that any business would be lucky to own.

All in all, any model of refurbished autoclaves is a smart investment. By knowing that equipment and tools are being properly sterilized in a quick and efficient manner, businesses can improve their services and offer customers or patients better experiences.

If you’re looking for information, maintenance and repairs, or even parts for your Bravo 17V, Statim USA can help. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment, we’d be happy to help!

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