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Scican Statim Autoclave (StatimUSA.com); It’s about time, time for a technology that revolutionizes the sterilization of dental and medical instruments. A technology that helps you make every minute count in your busy dental or medical practice. A technology that is unequaled, offering complete sterilization in just six minutes. It’s about time for the Statim autoclave, the fastest autoclave from start to sterilize (see also refurbished autoclaves).

Scican Statim Autoclave; The Statim Autoclave was engineered, designed and developed by SciCan, an international manufacturer, marketer and distributor of high-quality, high-performance healthcare products. In Statim, Scican offers sterilization technology that is unmatched in responding to the real needs of today’s busy dental and medical practitioner. And few factors are more critical to the success of your dental or medical practice than effective time management. Statim responds to this need, while offering several additional key benefits. Along with being the fastest autoclave from start to sterilize, it’s also the most gentle, and is very easy to operate and maintain (Statim 2000 and Statim 5000). These benefits come together in a package offering unequaled return on your investment by making your dental practice more cost-effective and efficient, which is exactly why tens of thousands of dental and medical professionals all over the world make the Statim autoclave their choice (see also autoclave for sale).

Scican Statim Autoclave; The SciCan lineup of advanced autoclaves features the Statim 2000, the Statim 5000, and the Statim 900. Both the Statim 2000 and 5000 units sterilize instruments in a removable, lightweight, stainless steel cassette which can accommodate numerous hand pieces and solid instruments of various materials. These statim autoclaves are versatile, offering cycles to effectively process unwrapped instruments and hand pieces, wrapped in pouched instruments, as well as heat-sensitive rubber and plastic instruments. The cassette surface is both a sterilization chamber and set-up tray, so you and your staff can safely and conveniently load, sterilize, and move instruments to and from the operatory (see also autoclave repair).

Scican Statim Autoclave; The Statim autoclave advantage becomes all the more compelling when each of its key features is examined in greater detail, beginning with the technology that enables you to sterilize hand pieces and instruments between procedures. A complete unwrap cycle from start to sterilize can take just six minutes with the Statim 2000, and just nine minutes with the Statim 5000. With technology this vast, it is possible to sterilize between patients. Optimal sterilization temperature and pressure are reached far more rapidly than with conventional chamber-based autoclaves (See also, Scican Bravo).

Scican Statim Autoclave (See also autoclave repair); Statim’s unrivaled speed is the result of a technology called “super atmospheric pressure pulsing.” Along with being significantly faster, Statim’s gentle sterilization process helps prolong the life of costly, delicate instruments and hand pieces. Statim’s steam injector system protects instruments by providing temperature consistency. Air, which causes metal oxidation in conventional gravity autoclaves, is expelled, while rapid heating and cooling dramatically reduces exposure to heat. Other autoclaves sterilize instruments with water from previous cycles. Statim uses only fresh, steam-processed distilled water with every sterilization cycle. Shortened turnaround time and added instrument life combine to significantly reduce the number of costly instruments required in your day-to-day practice. As a result, your investment in Statim quickly pays for itself (See also autoclave for sale).

Scican Statim Autoclave; The statim autoclave consists of just a few simple components: The main unit, the sterilization cassette, and the external waste bottle. Because of its compact design, Scican Statim can be set up literally anywhere in minutes. There’s no external plumbing or special electrical requirements necessary. All of these benefits, while significant, remain secondary to protecting the health of your patients through consistent and accurate sterilization. The biological and physical efficacy of Statim autoclaves has been independently proven in stringent tests at a variety of internationally renowned institutions. Along with being the fastest and most gentle autoclave, Statim is also very easy to operate and maintain. Simply open and separate the top lid from the bottom tray, and load the instruments and hand pieces (See also refurbished autoclaves).

Scican Statim Autoclave; Scican Statim also accepts industry standard instrument cassettes, making overall instrument management easy and efficient. To begin a cycle, simply insert the cassette and choose the desired sterilization cycle. The steam generator then heats up to the optimal temperature. A precise volume of distilled water is pumped into the steam generator and converted to steam. The steam is injected into the chamber, thereby forcing air out of the cassette. This action happens repeatedly throughout the cycle. The air and steam are then expelled through the exhaust port on the back of the unit and into the waste bottle below. Upon cycle completion, a small air compressor dries and cools the instruments in a closed environment. The drying cycle automatically runs for 60 minutes. However, instruments may dry in less time. Therefore, you can stop the drying and remove the cassette at any time in order to access your dry instruments. The unit’s graphic keypad and LCD display guide you through every step of operation (see also autoclave repair).

Scican Statim Autoclave; Scican Statim is also self-diagnosing. Should a problem occur, it is clearly indicated on the display. Statim’s ease of use is complemented by its ease of maintenance. The waste bottle should also be emptied periodically, and when empty, the reservoir requires filling with steam-processed distilled water from the aquastat or other sources. Periodically, seals and filters must be changed. That’s all it takes to keep your Statim unit operating flawlessly. With its unmatched speed, uncompromising gentleness and ease of use, Statim offers you an unequaled return on your investment. In fact, SciCan provides a complete infection control system. From water distillation, to automated washing, to sterilization, SciCan ensures an integrated approach to instrument management, freeing you to focus on your patients (See also autoclave for sale).

Scican Statim Autoclave; There is no better time than today to invest in technology that has revolutionized the sterilization of dental instruments, innovative technology that helps you make every minute count. In fact, in less time that it’s taken to view this video, you could have processed a complete cycle. It’s about time. Time for Statim, the fastest autoclave from start to sterilize.

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