What does Cycle Fault #1 Mean for a Statim 2000 or Statim 5000

Scican Statim 2000/5000 Cycle Fault #1 – What does it mean? Leave a comment


Did your Statim 2000 or Statim 5000 just display a Cycle Fault #1 Error? Don’t worry there is no need to panic. In this series, we want to give a general overview to help understand what is going on when your sterilizer displays different cycle faults.


What does Cycle Fault #1 Mean

When your Statim 2000 or Statim 5000 displays the error message Cycle Fault #1 it is saying that:

The cassette temperature failed to reach 95°C within a time-out period


What can cause a Cycle Fault #1 Error


A Cycle Fault #1 can come from a few different issues:

  1. The boiler does not heat up properly or there is No power to the boiler. This is a field Service Tech repair.
  2. Check thermal fuse by using an ohmmeter to check for continuity between J1-3 & lower terminal on the boiler. If it’s reading less than 1-ohm the thermal fuse is good. If thermal fuse checks good then proceed to step 3. But if it’s bad replace and check the unit for proper operation. Test pump using pump tester
  3. Check resistance reading between J1-3 & J1-4 should read approx. 11ohms. Field Service Tech. repair
  4. Check for line voltage at terminals J1-3 & J1-4 during warm up. If the reading is good proceed to step 5 but if it’s bad then the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is defective. That is a Shop repair
  5. Check for line voltage at boiler terminals. This is a Field Service Tech. repair
  6. An extremely large steam leak (Statim 5000). Replace cassette seal, lid or tray.  This is an End-user repair
  7. An extremely large load (Statim 5000). This is an End-user repair

Still Having Problems

It is not always easy to troubleshoot and repair some things. Especially errors like a Cycle Fault #1. But you can always count on us to be there to help.

Call our shop line at 704-966-1650 and we can get you straightened out!!!


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