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What is the proper way to replace a Statim 2000 Cassette Seal?


We want to show you that replacing a Statim 2000 Cassette Seal is actually quite simple. And while we are here also want to explain the proper replacement technique for speed, simplicity, and especially safety.


How often should you replace your Statim 2000 Cassette Seal?

Scican states that the cassette seal should be replaced every 500 cycles and/or 6 months whichever comes first. This is actually one of the main preventive maintenance points for all Statims.


Purchasing a replacement seal.

Whenever possible you should always buy the manufacturers OEM seals. Aftermarket replacement seals do work but they are not the same quality, and they need to be replaced more often. They can also cause leakage and other issues which can lead to even more problems.


Removing the old seal.

It’s very easy to uninstall the old Statim 2000 seal. All you need is some sort of flat-tipped tool (like a screwdriver) to pry the seal out. You start by taking your tool and sticking it between the metal and seal. Next, you kind of wedge it down in-between the metal and seal and start pulling the seal out. And finally, from there, you can pull and remove the seal completely out of the lid.


Checking the condition of the Statim 2000 cassette lid.

While you have the seal out it is important to look at all of the edges and surfaces where the seal sits. You want to look for any debris, rust, or issues that may cause the seal to not seat properly.


Properly inserting the Statim 2000 Cassette Seal.

When you open the seal kit package you will see a little lube kit inside. Start by opening the lube and putting about a quarter size drop in the center of the cassette lid. Next, put some on your finger and lubricate the seal all the way around. Make it a good generous amount of lubrication on the seal.


You start by aiming one end of the seal towards the back of the cassette lid and start in the corners. You take the first block on the seal and place it directly in the corner. When the first one’s done you place the second one in its corner the same way. When both are in you your fingers and press the seal into the groove from the center out towards the corners. This smooths and completely seats the seal in its proper position. You can look at the back and see that it’s set incorrectly.


Next step you go to the third corner and put it in its corner. Again take your thumbs and press it in from the center out. To finish you just go to the last corner and follow the same steps again.


After you have completed inserting the seal take some of the lube on your finger and rub it around the inside edge of the seal. This way you can make sure everything is flush and fitting properly.


Final steps for replacing a Statim 2000 Cassette Seal.


As you finish you should visually inspect all around and make sure there are no kinks or twists in the seal. Finally, you spread out any remaining lube and replace the lid on the cassette.


If you would like to watch a video on properly replacing a Statim 2000 Cassette Seal We Have One For You Here!


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Scican Recommended Statim Preventive Maintenance Schedule:

YOU SHOULD REPLACE THE FOLLOWING PARTS EVERY 6 MONTHS OR 500 CYCLES.   Replacing these will save you from very costly repairs down the line!

[1] Cassette seal

[2] Biological Filter

[3] Air Filter

[4] Check Valve


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