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What’s In The Box

When we get a new autoclave in we like to have one of our techs give it the once over. It’s really good to see what kind of initial reactions come from it as well as the main positives they see in the unit. Here are the results of our quick in-house overview of the Scican StatClave G4 Tabletop Autoclave.

Some Features we Like

It has an 11-inch by 15-inch chamber, and it holds 13.2 pounds of instruments which is AMAZING! The next biggest competitor in tabletop autoclaves holds only 9 pounds. However, don’t think all that volume slows this autoclave down. The StatClave G4 is SUPER FAST with a 50 Minute Cycle for the 13.2 pounds.

You Can Sterilize Anything

It comes with multiple accessories like the 4 regular full-size trays. There are racks for smaller packs and instruments that are wrapped, and it comes with heating plates for the cassettes. And if you need some even bigger options you can line your cassettes in and stack the plates between them. You will see that there are multiple layout options to cover any needs you may have.

Ease of Use and Functionality

Draining the used water has become even simpler as the StatClave G4 will connect directly to the drain. Of course, you can also still connect it to a waste bottle if that’s what you prefer. Other cool features are Closed Door Drying, a Water Quality Sensor, and the dual water reservoirs are on top of the autoclave for super easy access.

Even Maintenance is Easier

There’s even easier access to the Bio Filter, and the Door Gasket is still very simple to service.  Those are a huge time-saving measure as the Bio Filter and Door Gasket should still be checked and serviced with every scheduled maintenance. If you don’t want the hassle of remembering what and when the maintenance is due you can sign up for our FREE Preventative Maintenance Program and we will keep track of all of it for you.

It Has a Cycle for Everything

The Scican StatClave G4 has cycles that cover anything you will need to sterilize. The cycles include wrapped, unwrapped, hollow unwrapped, and more.

Our Overall Impression of the StatClave G4

This a beautiful machine and Scican has really designed this autoclave for ease of use and long life. Our first impressions of this unit are above satisfactory and we really look forward to sharing it. The Statim StatClave G4 is going to be a workhorse and save practices a lot of time and money.

Come and Check It Out

If you’re in the Clearwater or Charlotte area we just might be able to schedule a demo so give us a call.

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