This article is an intro to the Coltene BioSonic UC150 ultrasonic cleaner.

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The BioSonic UC150 is Coltene’s newest ultrasonic cleaner. It is quiet, compact and ready to go, and in this article we will describe a little bit about it’s features.

This is the Coltene Biosonic UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaner

What is the Coltene BioSonic UC150?

The BioSonic UC150 is an ultrasonic cleaner designed for the cleaning of dental and orthodontic equipment. The BioSonic UC150 cleans through the use of a gentle but practical ultrasonic cleaning to prevent damage to any tools. The UC150 shares it’s trusted usual BioSonic branding, but this model sports some enhancements of its own to outshine the predecessors.

What is different about the BioSonic UC150?

The BioSonic UC150 has a more compact design that can be recessed or placed on a countertop, and it is equipped with a multi-lingual user-friendly touch screen. It also has a new hinged lid setup for a more quiet operation, multiple new parts like dent and stain-proof casing, a touchscreen display sensitive to gloves that opt for a more convenient system, and more. All of these enhancements give it a technologic boost in its field of use.

Some BioSonic UC150 Design Features and Benefits

The BioSonic UC150 has been designed for VERSATILITY
  A. To Maximize Counter Space:This is the Coltene BioSonic UC150 recessed into the countertop to safe space.
  • The BioSonic UC150 can sit countertop or recessed. There is no need to invest in a new ultrasonic cleaner if your sterilization center is remodeled or storage conditions change.
  • Small overall footprint with 1.5 gallon tank capacity
  • Overall Dimensions: 13.6” × 10.8” × 14” (34.5 × 27.6 × 35.5 cm)
  • Tank Capacity: 1.75 US gal (6.6 L), Use Capacity: 1.5 US gal (5.7 L)
 B. For Customized Operation
  • Variety of user modes for varying loads.
  • Time, date and language format settings.
  • ‘MY’ mode allows range of cleaning time and, if heater is activated, temperature setting.
 C. Multiple Cleaning Configurations
  • The unique crossflow basket enables enhanced instrument cleaning. Multiple cleaning configurations include beakers, baskets and instrument cassettes.
  • Basket fits up to 4 standard size cassettes (Hu-Friedy Space Saver cassettes).
The BioSonic UC150 has been designed for EFFICIENCY
A. Hinged lid with open/close detectionThe BioSonic UC150 view screen for the open lid detection system.
  • The unique plastic hinged lid minimizes noise and traps vapors. It can also be used as a tray to air-dry your instruments prior to bagging and autoclaving.
  • Lid detection notifies user and documents if the lid has been open at any point during the clean cycle, encouraging protocol compliance and ensuring closed operation.
B. Stainless Steel Tank
  • The BioSonic UC150 offers a 1.75 gallon/6.6 L stainless steel tank designed to house a wide variety of cassette baskets and beakers for efficient cleaning of  your instruments.
C. Controlled Heating
  • Optional controlled heating feature (70-140° F) to accelerate the process of heating, saving you time.
  • Built-in high temperature safety indication for protection from unit overheating or empty tank operation.
D. Frequency Sweep Function
  • Ensures even and uniform cleaning.
  • Operating frequency: 48 – 50.5 kHz, an ideal range for cleaning of small particles.
The data logging function on the Coltene BioSonic UC150E. Data Logging
  • Documents information such as cleaning mode, time & duration, temperature, no. of cycles, lid open/close status.
  • View and download cleaner usage information to document, monitor and analyze cleaning process in the dental office especially for group practices.
  • Encourages compliance.


The degassing function on the Coltene BioSonic UC150
F. Degassing Mode
  • Maximize cleaning effectiveness by preventing air pockets from the solution prior to cleaning instruments.



The BioSonic UC150 has been designed for CONVENIENCE
A. Glove-friendly Touchscreen DisplayThe Coltene Biosonic UC150 multi
  • Easy to use, multilingual touch screen that allows full functionality with a gloved hand. It features customizable operation with user-settable temperature, run time, solution tracking and data logging controls.
  B. Externally accessible draining system
  • The externally accessible drain with an extended tube allows for easy draining in less than a minute.
  C. USB Interface
  • The USB interface allows for easy downloading or capture of cleaning data.
D. Built to Last
  • A sleek wear resistant housing that will not dent or stain.
E. Quiet device for comfortable work environment
  • Quiet operation at just 63 Decibels.
  • Hinged lid traps aerosols and reduces noise.

Where the Coltene BioSonic UC150 noise decibel level compares with other common sounds.


In Conclusion…

As you can see the Coltene BioSonic UC150 ultrasonic cleaner has been developed with many new features while maintaining the quality and integrity of previous Coltene units. As always we ask that you please contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Remember that we ALWAYS OFFER FREE TECH SUPPORT on this and any equipment we sell or service. And you didn’t have to buy your equipment from us either. We are here to help.

The Coltene BioSonic UC150 is Available Here


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