This article is an explanation of why Scican's Optim1 is such a powerful and popular disinfectant cleaner.

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We’ve talked about many different kinds of medical equipment and their subsequent trusted name brands. But today we’d like to shine some light on SciCan and their newest achievement in their award-winning Optim1 Disinfectant Wipes. Optim1 wipes are the Winner of the Dental Advisor 2021 Top Surface Disinfectant award, These wipes boast many incredible qualities that validate its newly acquired title, and we’d like to share them with you in hopes that you’ll agree!

What Does Optim1 Bring to the Table?

With this new award Dental Advisor says that SciCan knocked it out of the park with the Optim1 disinfectant wipes. Optim1 wipes have many qualities that improve issues of which many users found annoying and other brands couldn’t seem to entirely eliminate. Whether it comes down to contact times, the amount of wipes needed, the list of all the pathogens it can tackle, or anything in between, it outshines the competition.

Contact Time

First on the agenda is its contact time when in use. Its minimum contact time for most pathogens is a brisk 30 seconds, with a maximum of only 1 minute for anything else. Combine this with the list of pathogens it can eliminate effectively and these wipes are nothing to sneeze at.

The 30 seconds it needs is to act as a virucidal for both non-enveloped and enveloped viruses such as: Polio, Nor, Rota, HIV, HBV, and Influenza A. The list is not limited to just these however, as its maximum 1 minute contact time can be used against bacteria and as a fungicidal. Effectively able to eliminate Tuberculosis, MRSA, VRE, E. Coli and PSA. And they can also be used to combat the current COVID-19 virus on non-porous surfaces and non-invasive medical devices as well.

These results are indisputable as some of the competitors can take as long as 10 whole minutes to eliminate some of the more major end-of-the-spectrum pathogens and viruses. A lot can happen within those 10 minutes, so the peace of mind and quick acting of the Optim 1 definitely nets it the win in this category.

Half the Wipes – Double the Power

Not only can the Optim1 wipes be as fast acting and effective as they are, but it takes even less wipes to do the job than other leading brands. In clinical studies of several disinfectants including both Optim1 Wipes and the competition only the Optim1 Wipes were able to cover the entire surface with 1 wipe and remain stable for the duration needed in all tests.

In other trials Optim1 wipes were tested against other disinfectant wipes for their efficiency in removing organic debris. And once again Optim1 with its Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide removed organic debris while disinfecting and delivering faster results on “ALL SURFACES”.

The fact is that some competing disinfectant wipes can take 2 or sometimes 3 or more wipes to do the job of just 1 Optim1 disinfectant wipe. And even then they do a much slower job of it.

So Optim1 uses half of the amount of wipes, and takes less time to get the job done. Both of these are huge money and time savers and very important qualities in our book.

Friendly to Man and Mother Nature

Even though any form of disinfectant wipes are meant to keep things safe and sterile, the chemicals in them can be harmful regardless. That’s why all packages or containers that hold the wipes host a list of warnings and cautions against handling them improperly due to health risks or otherwise. But Optim 1 wipes don’t require these warnings due to their safe and eco-friendly chemical composition.

It’s Eco safety is largely due in part to its active ingredient Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. When you’re wiping down that dirty table with normal wipes, it can leave behind a bioburden residue and buildup that can be harmful to the unsuspecting user. But the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide breaks it all down into a removable substance, leaving no potential danger behind it.

Optim1 wipes are listed on the EPA’s lowest toxicity category, category 4 (IV). Its formula is designed to follow their standard that states it will “not adversely affect the public or environment.” Anything on this list is determined by the chemical ingredients known properties and history of safe usage. Meaning research has been done for every bit of it, and nothing is left to chance when it comes to safety.

Final Thoughts

The evidence and numbers don’t lie, and they’ve proven that these Optim1 wipes can be quick and deadly against some of the major pathogens and viruses we still face today. And during the pandemic, being able to stand against COVID-19 is a big deal in keeping everyone as safe as possible. All of that and they are made with a formula that’s eco-friendly and carries no risks, warnings or any harm to users.

If there wasn’t a clear definition before as to why SciCan and their Optim1 wipes took home the Top Surface Disinfectant Award, we believe this quick overview should help provide a sufficient answer.

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