This article explains how to replace the door gasket on a Tuttnauer EZ9 steam autoclave

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In this article we want to show Tuttnauer’s given steps to replace an EZ9 tabletop autoclave door gasket.

This is a caution symbol CAUTION: Before starting, be sure that the electric cord is disconnected and that there is no pressure in the autoclave.
CAUTION: To avoid injuries replace the gasket while the autoclave and autoclave door are cold.


Step 1:

Open the door of the EZ9 autoclave and pull the old gasket out of the groove. There is no glue or retaining clips holding it in.

Tuttnauer EZ10 door gasket placement

Step 2:

Start replacing the new door gasket by pressing it into the groove at the top and then the bottom of the EZ9 autoclave door.

Press the EZ10 door gasket in at the top and the bottom first

Step 3:

Secondly you press the new door gasket into the groove on the left and right sides of the EZ9 autoclave door.

Second you press the EZ10 door gasket in at the right and left sides

Step 4:

Next you press the door gasket into the groove between the top, right, bottom, and left portions of the EZ9 autoclave door.

Thirdly you press any bulges in the EZ10 door gasket into place

Step 5:

Finally you press any remaining parts of the new EZ9 autoclave door gasket in and ensure it is seated all the way around.

Last you check the entire seal to ensure it is completely seated in the door of Tuttnauer EZ10

The EZ9 Door Gasket is Ready to Test

You are now finished replacing your Tuttnauer EZ9 Door Gasket. At this point the gasket may look a bit lumpy but don’t fret because the next step will flatten it out.

Close the door and run a test cycle to ensure proper replacement of your EZ9 autoclave door seal. 

Your EZ9 is Ready for Service

Upon completion of your passed test cycle your Tuttnauer EZ9 Automatic Autoclave is ready to start running sterilization cycles again.

Please remember we have Free Tech Support so contact us with any questions you may have.

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