CareStart Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Tests are using A.I. to help stomp out viruses.

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The fight against COVID-19 still rages on, with everyone developing new weapons against the virus. Not too long ago, we introduced you to the CareStart Rapid Antigen Tests to help combat the spread of COVID-19. An article which you can read here. What we didn’t expect was another combatant into the fray by CareStart’s distributer, Intrivo. See, Intrivo recently released the next step in home testing, the On/Go Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit. And just like before, we’ll share with you anything you need to know. That way when you make your purchase, you’ll feel secure in your choice. 

Speaking of security, their new companion app to go along with its home test kits provide your results in a completely private and secure manner. Security and ease-of-access are at the forefront of these new Rapid Antigen Tests from On/Go. This technology reduces the margin of error to almost nothing, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to your health. Fast 10 minute results coupled with the app’s artificial intelligence guidance process makes it easier to find and manage the info you need. Not to mention, the tech was developed by Intrivo’s experts at Silicon Valley and approved by both Apple and Google. Might be the first time they’ve agreed on something in awhile.

These On/Go COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests are ready to enter the fight and flatten the curve. And we’ll tell you just how they’re going to do it. But in case you’re new here, we’d like to briefly answer a question that you might be asking. 

What Is A Rapid Antigen Test?

Simply put, a rapid antigen test is a suitable diagnostic test for point-of-care testing. That essentially means that these tests can provide near-immediate results so that you or a medical practitioner can figure out what to do from there. And On/Go’s rapid antigen tests are made with COVID-19 in mind. Able to detect the antigen that causes the disease, these RATs have definitely come in handy for the medical community.

What Makes These Tests So Good? 

Well the first obvious answer to that is: accessibility. Think about it, for the past year to now we’ve been dealing with this COVID crisis irrationally sometimes. People understandably worry about if their current illness sprung from the pandemic or if it’s something minor. But some people can take that to the extreme, and that kind of mentality takes up space where actual sick patients could use. People who are probably properly sick can’t get the testing they need to figure it out in some cases and that has to change. But with these new On/Go rapid antigen tests, you can test yourself right at home. And the best part, it’s not your normal uncomfortable test. With lower nasal comfort in mind, you won’t be mining into your sinus cavity for your results. All that’s required is a thorough swab of your lower nasal area and you’re good to go!

The new technology they implement with these tests makes them some of the most reliable COVID tests readily available. The On/Go Rapid Antigen tests utilize A.I. and machine learning to make sure that your results and communication of them are as simple as possible. Their user-friendly app interface is designed with you, the customer, in mind. Even being described as a “delightful user experience.” It’s fully equipped with a robust security measures, making the worry of your privacy protection a thing of the past. Your results are tailored to you, but can be communicated easily with your employers on YOUR say-so. Making sure that any spread can be easily contained at a moment’s notice so that everyone at your workplace is safe as well.

And as the FDA’s Best In-Class performance tool, we expect nothing less. Fast, live results through the companion app currently offer the most accurate results of home testing. And the easy integration means the app can communicate with existing employer portals. You must make sure that both you and your workplace are safe and the spread is mitigated. That’s the key. So it’s time to stop the spread and stay safe.

Final Thoughts 

With all that said, now you know all you need to make a proper decision here. The On/Go Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits are currently one of the best ways to go about home testing. Or just having a solution to fight COVID in general. With a home test kit that has these kinds of results, On/Go has provided everyone with the best way to spot covid and nab it at the source. And for its price it absolutely cannot be beat. 

This technology has been used in facility testing with the same methods. But now the technology is in your hands for the first time. Fast, reliable results within 10 minutes, and with A.I. guided processing, they leave no room for error. Your results are as accurate as can be, and private unless needed otherwise. Easy access to find, check, and share your data if needed to keep those around you at home and/or work safe. So let’s aim to stop this spread before it has a chance to start. 

Get started with the On/Go Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits available here.  

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