This is whats included in a Tuttnauer 2340EKA annual pm kit

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In this article, we’re going to explain what you can find in your Tuttnauer 2340EKA Preventative Maintenance Kit. What each part is and a short explanation of what it does. The Kit itself can be purchased here from our website.

But if you’re more of a visual learner, we have a video on this subject available for you here. 

What’s In The Box


This shows the parts that belong in a Tuttnauer 2340EKA Annual Preventive Maintenance Kit

This is a picture of what will be included in your specific kit. We’ll list these items from the top to the bottom as they’re pictured here!

Door Gasket

The first item is the Door Gasket surrounding the parts shown above. The door gasket helps seal the autoclave door and prevent steam leaks. It’s always listed as an annual maintenance part, however if you run consecutive or back-to-back cycles it will need to be changed more frequently.

We have this 2340EKA Door Gasket for purchase here. 


Safety Valve

The top item under the blue gasket is the safety valve. The Safety Release Valve is designed to relieve the autoclave of any excess pressure so as to not cause damage. It is located inside of the reservoir.

The 2340EKA Safety Valve is available here. 


Air Jet Valve (Red Top)

Under the safety release valve is the Air Jet Valve with the red top. Failure to clean the air jet valve can result in failed spore tests of your autoclave. And it can be found within the reservoir of the unit.

The Air Jet Valve comes with the Kit available here. 


Valve Stem and Plungers

Next are the 3 plungers included in the package. There are two 3mm plungers and one 6mm plunger included. These plungers are encased in the solenoid valve.

The Plungers are available as part of the 2340EKA Annual PM Kit available here. 


Chamber Brite

The pack with the white tablet is a single pack of Chamber Brite. Chamber Brite should be used on a weekly basis to keep the chamber, valves and the reservoir clean.

Chamber Brite is available to buy here. 



The included paper items include a preventative maintenance marking sticker and an associated instruction manual to help assist you in performing the maintenance properly.

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The Tuttnauer 2340EKA autoclave is available here. 

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