Statim 2000 Classic PM Checklist with Bio-Filter

Statim 2000 Classic PM Checklist (w Bio-Filter)

Sometimes, preventative maintenance that spans over a long period of time can be a hassle to take care of. Sometimes a guide never hurts, just something to keep around that says what you need when you need it. And that’s what we’d like to offer you today. This is the first in a series of blogs we’re making to tell you how and what you’ll need for the preventative maintenance periods of your autoclave. Every autoclave may have similar or differing times completely, as well as different parts tailored to a different process. So we’d like to help you with these guides we thought up for you. We’d like to give you a checklist of everything you’ll need to do to conduct preventative maintenance on your Statim 2000 Classic autoclave. However, this guide is for if your Statim has a biological filter. 

This checklist comes as a part of our Free Preventative Maintenance program. And if you have any questions our certified technicians are here to help. And you can give us a call at 704-966-1650, and hit option 3 for our Free Tech Support line. 


The Preventative Maintenance

Daily Maintenance 

The daily maintenance on your Statim 2000 Classic has to do with the waste bottle. The daily maintenance checklist requires you to:

  • Replace distilled water in reservoir as needed
  • Empty the waste bottle every time you refill the reservoir
  • For opthamalic use, drain water after each working day and refill at the start of the next workday
  • Clean door gasket with a micro fiber cloth/dishwashing soap and inspect for crease or tears
  • Wipe exterior of unit and surrounding area with Optim disinfecting wipes or liquids 

The SciCan Waste Bottle is available here.

Optims various disinfecting wipes can be found here. 

Optim one-step disinfection liquids can be found here. 

Weekly Maintenance 

The weekly maintenance revolves around cleaning the chamber of your autoclave with specialized cleaning solutions. Namely, Stat-Dri spray and Opticlave autoclave cleaner. The weekly maintenance says you should: 

  • Wash the interior of the cassette with dishwashing soap or a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine
  • Scrub the the inside of cassette with a cleaning pad designed for use with Teflon coated surfaces
  • Clean water reservoir filter. For non-opthamalic use, drain reservoir at end of the work week
  • Use Opticlave to clean the water reservoir at the end of each work week
  • Apply a new coating of Stat-Dri to the inside surface of the cassette

Stat-Dri Spray is available here. 

Opticlave is also available here. 

Every 6 Months or Every 500 Cycles

 Maintenance that occurs every 6 months or every 500 cycles consists of checking and replacing the cassette seal and the two filters if need be. Every 6 months, you are recommended to: 

  • Replace cassette seal every 500 cycles or six months (whichever comes first)
  • Replace biological filter every 500 cycles or six months (whichever comes first)
  • Replace air compressor filter every 500 cycles or six months (whichever comes first)

The Statim 2000 Classic PM Kit #4 for this maintenance is available here. 

Every 2 Years

Every two years you should be checking on some of the more innermost parts. Every two years, you should: 

*And if you have any questions about the condition of these parts, call us on our FREE Technical Support Line at 704-966-1650, Option 3.  

The Statim 2000 Check Valve is available here. 

The Solenoid Plunger Repair Kit is available here. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve reached this point, then you should have a good understanding as to what your maintenance schedule should look like. But if you still have questions or there’s help you need, we’ve got options. You can call us anytime at our tech support line at 704-966-1650, Option 3 for free tech support. Or we have our Free Preventative Maintenance Program. Which allows you to submit information on your machine, and WE call YOU whenever it’s time to maintain a part of your autoclave. Our techs will walk you through step-by-step and tell you what part you need and what to do with it. 

Hopefully this guide helps you to understand that preventative maintenance isn’t a daunting task as long as you know what to do.

As always if you have any questions about this process or anything else please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our “FREE TECH SUPPORT.”

We also offer FREE VIRTUAL TECH SUPPORT to “See and Talk” with a “Real Time Live Technician” for any problems you may be in need of help with.

You can also use our “FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM”. Take the guesswork and worrying about what unit is due for maintenance and which maintenance cycle it is time for. We will keep track of all your autoclaves and let you know when it’s time for anything.

You can find the Statim 2000 Classic on our website here.