This is the SciCan HYDRIM C61W G4 Preventative Maintenance Checklist.

SciCan Hydrim C61W G4 PM Checklist

This article contains the instructions necessary to perform preventative maintenance on your SciCan Hydrim C61W G4 instrument washer. Vivid color touch screen, validatedScican HYDRIM C61W G4 Instrument Washer OEM C61W-D01 cycles for repeat washing performance, active hot air drying, the works. And with SciCan’s patented G4 technology, this instrument washer is a must-have in your practice.

So in this article, we’re going to go over its preventative maintenance checklist. What you need and when you need it to keep it functioning at 100%. And doing everything we can to extend the life of your autoclave for as long as possible. This Hydrim C61W G4 checklist comes as a part of our Free Preventative Maintenance program.

And if you have any questions our certified technicians are here to help. And you can give us a call at 704-966-1650, and hit option 3 for our Free Tech Support line.

This is the Hydrim C61W G4 PM Checklist.

The Preventative Maintenance

The maintenance cycle for the Hydrim C61W G4 is different than our other pm checklists. Aside from the daily maintenance instructions, these preventative maintenance instructions will show you how to maintain your unit by part.

Replacing the HIP Cleaning Solution: 

The HYDRIM C61W G4 uses a pre-measured container of HIP Cleaning Solution. Use only the recommended cleaning solution and read the MSDS before inserting into the unit. 

The HIP Ultra Cleaning Solution is found here on our website.

Refilling the Water Softening Salt Reservoir: 

When a red X appears on the detergent and water softener level indicator, press on the icon to determine if the problem lies with the water softener or cleaning solution level. If the water softener must be refilled follow the steps in the instructions. 

Hydrim Water Softening Salt can be found here on our website. 

Changing the Air Filter: 

When the message “Replace air filter” appears, the HEPA filter is in need of changing. Follow the steps in the instructions. 

The Hydrim C61W G4 Air Filter is on our site here. 

Wipe Down Hydrim:

To clean outer surfaces and the decal covering the touchscreen, use a soft cloth moistened with soap and water or a surface disinfectant like OPTIM1 Disinfectant Cleaner. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Optim1 Wipes are available on our site here

The 1-gallon bottle of Optim1 solution is here on our site

Daily Maintenance
  • Wipe Down Outer Surfaces
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Wash Arm Maintenance
  • Door Lock Check
  • Wash Arm Rotation Check
  • Door Seal Check
  • Load Carrier Check
  • Chamber Filter Check

The Hydrim C61W Wash Arm is available here on our site

Hydrim C61W Chamber Seal is available here on our site

The Hydrim C61W Mesh Drain Filter is available here on our site

Final Thoughts

If you’ve reached this point, then you should have a good understanding as to what your maintenance schedule should look like. But if you still have questions or there’s help you need, we’ve got options. You can call us anytime at our tech support line at 704-966-1650, Option 3 for free tech support. Or we have our Free Preventative Maintenance ProgramWhich allows you to submit information on your machine, and WE call YOU whenever it’s time to maintain a part of your autoclave. Our techs will walk you through step-by-step and tell you what part you need and what to do with it.

Hopefully this guide helps you to understand that preventative maintenance isn’t a daunting task as long as you know what to do.

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You can also use our “FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM”. Take the guesswork and worrying about what unit is due for maintenance and which maintenance cycle it is time for. We will keep track of all your autoclaves and let you know when it’s time for anything.