This or That: New and Refurbished Units

This or That: New and Refurbished Autoclaves

Autoclaves are an essential piece of machinery used across a wide range of industries. From dentistry and medical, to tattoo and piercing, autoclaves offer numerous benefits for practices. Ranging from the effective sterilization of instruments and materials to their reliable and easy-to-use operation – some even sport unique features that give them an advantage over others and providing a unique sterilization option that you can’t find anywhere else.

However, when it comes to choosing an autoclave for your practice, there are many critical factors that go into the decision making process. In this article, we’d like to delve into one of the most important factors you’ll be looking at when buying an autoclave: new or refurbished?

The Case for New and Refurbished Units

Without the proper information and knowledge, this can seem like a cut-and-dry case. The new unit, fresh out of the box would technically be much better than a refurbished unit, right? But consider this: what if that refurbished unit can guarantee you get everything you need upfront, but a new one can’t? Well, that means that you’ll give that refurbished unit a second look. Both new and refurbished units have their purpose in practices that have different needs. So we’ll go over what you get with new and refurbished units, so you’ll have the information you need to make an informed choice and not regret money well-spent.

Refurbished Units

This is pretty simple to explain. When it comes to autoclaves, your options are usually new or refurbished units. Refurbished units can consist of units that may not be in production for new models anymore, or just units that have been restored to working order after some time. Refurbished units may not be factory new, but they’re renovated to have up-to-date parts where they’re needed and maintained to a very high standard. 

Refurbs even have their own benefits like we mentioned above. Sometimes you don’t need an expensive, brand-new unit, so you look to a refurb to cut costs. Sometimes the unit that may work the best for your specific criteria can only be found in refurbished condition. And these are just a few reasons why even refurbished units have their perks. That being said, we’d like to give an example of one of our most popular refurbished units, the Midmark M11.

The Midmark M11

This is a Midmark M11 Steam Sterilizer with a Data Logger.

A prime example of a widely sought-after autoclave renovation is the Midmark M11 autoclave. Capable of sterilizing items resistant to both heat and moisture, this model boasts a sizable chamber, easy cycle operation and programming and more. Thanks to its generous dimensions, the M11 can effortlessly sterilize larger packs and instruments. Yet, size isn’t the sole standout attribute. The Midmark M11 is equipped with an array of built-in features, such as;

Those features include: 

  • Automatic opening door
  • Large 11” x 18” chamber
  • Easy “two-button” startup and operation
  • Single button programmable cycles
  • Bright green LCD display for easy navigation
  • “Set-and-forget” simple operation
  • Attachable USB data logger for easy transfer and data management

New Autoclaves

New units are, as the name implies, new. Straight out of the factory sealed packaging comes a brand-new, sleek autoclave for your practice. Who doesn’t like new things? With a new autoclave, you’ll definitely have little-to-no worries right out of the gate. If it’s new, there’s a much lower chance of problems, every part is brand new and just itching for its first day on the job. But this sleek piece of machinery still has pros and cons like anything else.

Buying new is perfect for ensuring that you get only the best. But the best can come at a price, one you might not be able to afford. Of course just because it’s new doesn’t mean it CAN’T have a problem from the get-go, nothing is perfect. And that’s not a deterrent, it’s just to say that autoclaves can be a huge investment, both in cost and size depending on the model you pick. Which is why it’s important to take into account every single factor when purchasing an autoclave, new or refurbished. 

But if it’s a new unit you’re looking for, we can help you look in the right direction.

The W&H Lexa

This is the front view of a W&H Lexa MN-111 sterilizer autoclave.

Things like how it looks, dimensions, cycle times, features, the works. The New W&H Lexa is a tabletop sterilizer, sporting a sleek white color and accented with traces of blue in some areas including the interface. And it even has a rounded top front edge that shows a seamless extension to the back. The Lexa is a new take on the modern autoclave and it delivers in more ways than one. And it has a wealth of features that make it a superb sterilization machine. 

  • Customizable drying time
  • Large capacity sterilizer chamber with unique tray design
  • Versatile sterilization program options with short cycles
  • Superior vacuum-assisted drying
  • Meets stringent hygiene standards including dynamic pulsed air removal and closed-door drying
  • Easy maintenance, no periodic cleaning cycles required
  • Programmable cycle start

Final Thoughts

When faced with the choice between new and refurbished units, it’s easy to assume it’s a clear-cut decision. However, the reality is more nuanced. While new autoclaves sport the newest tech and parts, bells and whistles, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss refurbished units. Both new and refurb units can serve a purpose in any practice, because different practices will have different criteria the unit has to meet when deciding on an autoclave. 

New units provide the cutting edge in technology, features and reliability, for those who want the latest and greatest. On the other hand, refurbished units are cost-effective, while still being kept in great working quality, which can be practical for practices on a budget. It all depends on what your practice needs when you compile the proper data to make an informed decision. And that’s what it comes down to in the end. Understanding the specific needs and priorities of your practice is crucial in determining whether a new or refurbished autoclave is the right fit.

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