This is an overview of the Tuttnauer 3870M

The Tuttnauer 3870M Manual Autoclave

In this article, we will delve into the features and functionalities of the Tuttnauer 3870M autoclave. The 3870M autoclave is a robust and efficient sterilization solution designed for medical and laboratory environments. It features a spacious chamber capable of handling large loads, ensuring thorough sterilization of surgical instruments and laboratory equipment.

The Tuttnauer 3870M Manual AutoclaveThis is a Tuttnauer 3870M autoclave.

The Tuttnauer 3870M is one of our largest manual tabletop autoclaves, and is renowned for its robust design and advanced features, tailored specifically for the rigorous demands of medical and laboratory environments. Its generously sized 15” x 30” chamber accommodates longer instruments or a large number of small instruments. Built with durable materials, the Tuttnauer 3870M guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance, making it a trusted choice in hospitals, clinics, and research facilities worldwide for achieving stringent sterilization standards.

Along with this, the Tuttnauer 3870M has a wealth of other benefits;

  • Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles.
  • A long life electro polished chamber and door.
  • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized.
  • Drain valve is located on the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir.
  • Dual safety thermostat to protect against overheating.
  • International certifications
  • Supplied with a 3 shelf stand that measures 26 inches wide x 33 inches deep x 34 inches high

For more detailed information on the 3870M, we turn to the various specs that offer insights like chamber size, cycle times and more.

  • Controls : Manual
  • Chamber Size : 15” x 30”
  • Chamber Volume: 85 Liter / 22 Gallon
  • Tray Size : Sm Tray 26.6″ x 11.3″ Lg Tray 26.6″ x 13.8″
  • Trays : 2
  • Flash Cycle : 23 Minutes
  • Cold Start Cycle: 35 Minutes
  • Overall Depth : 34.5″
  • Overall Width : 26″
  • Overall Height : 20.6″
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Door Swing : Right Side Hinge
  • Printer : Not Available

Final Thoughts

The Tuttnauer 3870M stands out as a pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in sterilization technology, tailored for the exacting standards of medical and laboratory settings. Its spacious chamber accommodates large volumes with ease, ensuring thorough disinfection of critical instruments and equipment. With intuitive controls and robust construction, the 3870M offers not just peace of mind but also operational simplicity.

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