Getting Tattooed? Here’s Why You Should Never Use Dirty Needles Leave a comment

Tattoos have always been a popular form of self-expression, but now that the stigma surrounding tattoos in the workplace has begun to change, it seems like everyone is opting for ink.

Unfortunately, dirty tattoo needles can result in a slew of adverse health effects if you go to an unreputable shop. A great tattoo shop should rely on the best options for a Statim sterilizer when they want to ensure the health and safety of their client. Here are three health issues that prove why you should always go to an experienced tattoo shop for your ink.

An allergic reaction

It’s important to discuss any environmental allergens you have with your tattoo artist prior to getting a tattoo. Some unprofessional shops may have dogs or cats roaming around that can irritate your skin, potentially leading to an allergic reaction or even a skin infection. It’s essential that your tattoo artist cleans their needles through a tattoo sterilizer before the needle makes contact with your skin to remove any external allergens.


A more serious risk to tattooing with dirty needles is the threat of HIV and AIDS. These bloodborne diseases are transmitted to a healthy individual through dirty needles that have been used on someone with HIV or AIDS. A Statim sterilizer should be used to thoroughly clean tattoo needles before they are used on another individual. It’s estimated that a tattoo sterilizer should run between 250 and 270 degrees Fahrenheit to kill microorganisms.


This is another bloodborne disease that affects the health of your liver, resulting in lethargy, pain, nausea, and worse. It can be transmitted when an unprofessional tattoo artist uses a dirty needle. Keep in mind that a dirty needle is a safety violation and you should only go to a reputable shop that has the proper license and certification.

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