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Tattoo Methods and Instruments: A Brief History Leave a comment

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. This is especially true with about 45 million Americans having at least one tattoo. But what kind of methods of tattooing are there today? Let’s explore a few common tattooing methods and the importance of using sterilized equipment.

Common Methods of Tattooing Throughout History

The methods and techniques used to complete tattoos have varied across different cultures and throughout time. Three of the most common methods of tattooing include piercing, puncturing, and cutting the skin. Piercing involves an object, like a needle, being pushed into the skin. This method typically requires minimal effort to penetrate the skin. Puncturing, on the other hand, tends to require a great deal of force to break through the skin. The puncturing method usually involves the tattooing device to enter the skin at a 90-degree angle. And a cutting involves using tools dipped in ink to cut or scratch the skin. Fortunately, today’s methods of tattooing combine both piercing and puncturing, using groups of needles to enter the skin at once. This method is done at different angles, depending on the desired tattoo. All in all, methods of tattooing have developed over the years, but some cultures still use ancient methods like cutting or puncturing with stone, metal, and glass tools.

The Importance of Proper Sterilization

No matter the method of tattooing, tattoo sterilization equipment is necessary. Unfortunately, most ancient methods of tattooing didn’t involve using something like a statim autoclave sterilizer like today’s methods do. Tattoos are made permanent by injecting ink into the skin. When this is done, it basically creates a tiny wound for the ink to enter through. This is why sterilization is so important. If any bacteria were to enter the injection site, the tattoo could become infected. This is especially important when using any equipment that’s shared between clients. Without a tattoo sterilizer, the tattooing equipment could carry bloodborne pathogens and infect clients when it’s used. A tattoo autoclave should always be used between clients to ensure the tattoo is done safely with minimal risk of infection.

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