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In the medical, dental, scientific, and tattoo industries, proper sterilization is one of the main focuses. Because basic cleaning is only the first step in removing viruses, pathogens, and bacteria from reusable tools, these tools need to be sterilized before they’re used again. This is where an autoclave sterilizer comes in. The uses of autoclaves may change depending on the industry it’s being used in, but they always make sterilizing easy and effective. So to help you choose the right autoclave, here are a few important features to consider.

Heating and Cooling: In order for an autoclave to properly sterilize tools, it needs to be able to quickly heat up to around 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Different types or brands of autoclaves may have various heating settings, so it’s important to know how quickly your autoclave will heat up. Additionally, the functions of autoclave devices allow it to cool rapidly to let the tools be used soon after the cycle is complete. There are different levels of cooling speeds, which is certainly something to consider when looking for refurbished autoclave sterilizers.

Moisture Removal: In order for the sterilizing cycle to be complete, the air and moisture inside need to be removed so the tools can be completely dry. Autoclaves can vary in the method they use to remove moisture — whether it’s a vacuum pump, a heating plate, or another method, for proper uses of autoclaves, the devices have to effectively remove the moisture inside the chamber. If the device fails to do this, the tools may not be completely sterilized or will require more time to dry.

Safety: Because autoclaves use pressurized steam to sterilize the tools inside, which can potentially be dangerous, all autoclaves should be equipped with safety features. Safety features, like a door lock and cycle programming, should be looked at regularly. Before an autoclave is bought, the buyer should fully understand how to use the device and what kind of safety features it offers. Furthermore, autoclave maintenance services should be scheduled regularly to ensure the device is as safe as possible.  When it comes to safety, the safest and most reliable autoclaves are the Tuttnauer EZ9PLUS and the Tuttnauer EZ11Plus.

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