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veterinary autoclaveIn an industry where keeping your tools and equipment sterilized is vital to the health of other living things, it is important to always invest in the best. A veterinary autoclave is a necessity in every vet practice, and it helps guarantee the safety of the pets in your care. Learn more about the benefits of autoclaves below, then purchase yours today.

Maintaining a Better Reputation

Pet owners cherish their dogs, cats, and other critters as members of the family, and most aim to invest in the best veterinary care possible for their furry friend. As a veterinarian, you can ensure they get the highest quality treatment by adhering to the laws and regulations regarding clean and sterilized equipment.

The tools you use in your clinic must be sterilized between each pet you treat to minimize risk of infection and the spread of diseases. Without the use of veterinary autoclaves, you could easily spread germs and trigger unnecessary illnesses in countless animals.

Basic cleaning practices just will not cut it when it comes to medical treatment. In order to kill any microorganisms living on your equipment, you must steam-sterilize them at a temperature of either 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

Veterinary autoclaves reach high enough temperatures to meet these standards and succeed at eliminating most contaminants with the pressurized steam they produce.

What Does a TVET Veterinary Autoclave Do?

A TVET veterinary autoclave will work specifically to meet your every sterilization need. If you are looking to ease your workload and get the fast, efficient results you and your patients deserve, then this machine is sure to do it.

Any type of autoclave in the TVET series is sure to help significantly in your practice, but it is up to you to find which type works best for your specific needs. Do some research, ask an expert, and find the perfect fit right away, so your pets and their owners get the safest results possible.

Is Your Autoclave Malfunctioning?

If you have a refurbished autoclave that you need examined, or if you have a machine that is not working right, then we can help you with any and all of your autoclave repair services. We also sell statim autoclaves, including the statim 2000 and the statim 5000.

Most of the time the reason behind autoclave failure is due to human error or some type of mechanical mishap. Whether the age of the autoclave is causing problems or it simply has not been properly maintained finding a solution is essential when it comes to running your business successfully.

We are ready and willing to help, so do not hesitate to reach out today. When it comes to autoclave sales and maintenance, our experts have got your back. is your number 1 resource for all things autoclaves, we sell new autoclaves, repair your old autoclave and even purchase your old autoclave back from you.  Try us today, you wont regret it!  You can reach us at or call our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 704-966-1650.

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