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If you own a veterinarian clinic, there are times when you will be using surgical and other equipment to treat animals. When carrying out such procedures, you need to ensure that all equipment and supplies are properly sterilized.

Why is choosing the right autoclave so important?

We’ve known since Louis Pasteur’s groundbreaking research that when subjected to temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, bacteria will die. Now autoclaves perform this work with extreme effectiveness. This kind of sterilization is critical for any veterinary practice. Cleanliness and safety are top priorities when it comes to treating animals.

If you are looking for a veterinary sterilizer for sale, you have to consider a number of factors. Remember that your clients are trusting you with their pets’ care and health. That’s why choosing the right veterinary sterilizer is extremely important. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect sterilizing machine.

Think about the kinds of equipment you’ll need to sterilize.

From vaccinations to dental cleanings and more, all kinds of equipment that needs sterilizing at a veterinary hospital. Really, any piece of equipment that comes into contact with an animal, whether under the skin or in the mouth, needs to be properly sterilized before it can be used again. Hypodermic needles, however, should always be disposed of appropriately.

Think about autoclave repairs and maintenance.

Is there a brand of autoclave you know will be more difficult to maintain and repair when the time comes? Make sure you do your research before you make a purchase. Maintenance and repairs are crucial for keeping your autoclave running and your equipment properly sterilized. Don’t ever purchase a veterinary sterilizer without looking into what kind of maintenance you’ll need to perform on it.

Search for the latest models.

While bigger isn’t always better, there are certainly improvements made with every iteration of autoclave on the market. Odds are you’ll be able to find a newer model that serves you better than an older one would. These new models may not have the same recurring issues that some older versions do.

Choosing the best veterinary sterilizer is not something you should take lightly. Pet owners are relying on you to ensure the health and safety of their animals. Make sure your veterinary sterilizer is up to the task.  Tuttnauer is one of the top 3 leading autoclave manufacturers in the world and they have a brand new line of veterinary autocalves, the tVet autoclave line and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

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