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Thinking about getting a tattoo? Well, if you are, then you certainly will not have any trouble finding a place to have it done. At last count, the United States totals about 21,000 tattoo parlors. If you do go to get a tattoo, here are just a few tips to make it a great experience.

1. The Night Before
Go in clean and healthy. make sure that you don’t have anything alcoholic to drink the night before. Also, make sure that you do not have any drugs in your system. This includes, and especially refers to, aspirins. Do not get a tattoo if you are unsure. You can always wait until tomorrow! And most importantly of all, do not go and get a tattoo if you are sick.

2. Check Out the Equipment
It’s a good idea to visit the tattoo parlor where you will be having your work done before you go in to have the tattoo. You want to make sure that the equipment is clean and up-to-date, and that the tattoo artist is wearing gloves at all times. Make sure above all that you see a tattoo autoclave machine and make sure that it is in operating position. It can be a refurbished autoclave or a new autoclave, but it is essential that you see one there. What are the uses of an autoclave? A tattoo autoclave, or as it is also known, a tattoo autoclave sterilizer, is a piece of equipment that sterilizes and disinfects equipment that is not disposable in between customers. So one of the primary functions of this equipment is making sure that all equipment that is reused goes into a tattoo sterilizer. The objective is to protect your health and to prevent infections and diseases.

3. Keep Your Tattoo Clean
Once you get your tattoo, it is extremely important to make sure that you keep the area of your skin around it clean. Use an unscented moisturizer after cleaning the skin with pure, unscented soap and water. Make sure to pat the area dry. Do not rub it, as this may aggravate the skin and cause pigment to fall out. Wear loose clothing so you do not constrict the area. Also, try to avoid sun exposure for at least a few weeks after you have had a tattoo done. Do not scratch or pick at the area, and if it becomes bothersome, make sure you call your doctor. And above all else, follow your artist’s aftercare instructions. There may be a specific soap or lotion that they recommend based on the ink they use. Make sure you take note.

Some tattoos are extremely intricate and convey a lot of cultural significance. And the art of tattoos originated thousands of years ago, even among the Egyptians. However, in those days, individuals did not have all the health precautions that we enjoy today. Now we have needles from sterilized one-use packages. We also have the tattoo autoclave machine to sterilize equipment that is not disposable in between customers. Staying healthy with common sense precautions will prevent infections and complications, and let you enjoy your tattoo for years to come. is your number 1 resource for all things autoclaves, we sell new autoclaves, repair your old autoclave and even purchase your old autoclave back from you.  Try us today, you wont regret it!  You can reach us at or call our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 704-966-1650.

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