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Today, millions of people have covered their bodies with tattoos. In the United States, about 45 million people have at least one tattoo. Due to the skyrocketing demand for tattooing and body piercing services, the safety of customers is now paramount in running a successful tattoo shop. One way of ensuring safe piercing is by using autoclaves to sanitize your equipment. A single bad review or lawsuit can quickly ruin your business, and putting your customers’ health first is always a smart business strategy.

What Does an Autoclave Do?

Tattoo autoclaves are used in tattoo shops to sterilize piercing equipment, needles, and any other device that is reused. The purpose is to kill any bacteria or viruses, thereby preventing the movement of bacteria from one person to another.

Autoclave sterilizers use high-pressure steam, a concept developed in the 1600s. In fact, the first functional autoclave was built in 1884. Today, compact, mobile autoclaves can be used to quickly and efficiently sterilize your shop’s tools of the trade.

Why Are Autoclave Sterilizers a Must-Have for Every Tattoo Shop?

When creating a tattoo on someone’s skin, the tattoo equipment will penetrate the bloodstream. As we all know, numerous infections can be transmitted through body fluids. For this reason, an autoclave sterilizer becomes necessary for a tattoo shop just as it is for a medical facility.

There is no practical difference between tattoo autoclaves and medical autoclaves. Whether for medical or tattooing purposes, autoclaves are 100% effective when properly maintained and utilized. So, if you’re looking for a tattoo autoclave for sale, you could as well ask for a medical autoclave.

What Are the Different Types of Tattoo Autoclaves

If you’re wondering what the best brand of tattoo autoclave sterilizers to buy is, you might be pleased to know that there are several popular brands such as Statim autoclaves.

You might also consider selecting between an automatic and manual door autoclave. The difference is that automatic door opens itself after every sterilization cycle while manual machines require the operator to open the door by hand. If you have a busy tattoo shop, you may consider the automatic door tattoo autoclave.

Maintenance and Repair

Just like any other equipment, tattoo autoclaves need maintenance and repair to function correctly. You don’t want your business operations to be interrupted by faulty sterilizers. If there is a problem with your autoclave, you should seek technical support from a reliable autoclave services company.

Now that tattooing has become a widespread practice, you’ll easily find autoclave repair near me services. The nearer the technician, the more likely it will cost less to attend to your needs.

If you purchased your autoclave from a reliable manufacturer or distributor, they’d most likely provide technical support, either free of charge, or at a small fee.

When looking for an autoclave for sale, it’s advisable to procure from companies that offer all-inclusive services ranging from sales, services, and repairs. Usually, you’ll find such companies dealing with various autoclave brands, some new and others refurbished. The advantage of working with such a dealer is that you get all autoclave-related services under one roof.

New or Refurbished Sterilizers?

Brand new equipment is always the superior choice. If the budget is sufficient, go for it as a long-term investment. However, this does not mean that you can’t opt for refurbished equipment. Restoring a used autoclave to like-new condition will see you make savings that you can channel back to the business to spur growth. You’ll be surprised to find out that refurbished sterilizers can still offer the same performance as the new ones.

If you’re a fledgling tattoo shop, a used autoclave means less expenditure. However, for the sake of your business success, it’s paramount to ensure that used autoclave goes through safety inspection guidelines. Whether you buy new or refurbished, only buy from a reputable dealer.

When buying an autoclave, ensure that your business needs are prioritized. Factors such as cost, quality, maintenance, space durability, and others should have an essential influence on your choice. It is also good to remember that apart from the initial cost, performance and reliability of autoclaves will have a direct impact on the efficiency of your business.

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