Scican Statim 5000

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Have you been told by a medical professional that you need surgery? Well, if so, then you are not alone. Every year in the US, the number of surgeries that are performed total to about 46.5 million. This averages out to about 127.2 thousand surgeries every day. All these operations require using medical equipment that is sterilized. Usually, sterilization is done in an autoclave, such as a scican statim 5000. Here are some reasons why the scican statim 5000 autoclave is used as a sterilizer.

1. Dependability

The scican statim 5000 is an extremely reliable and dependable piece of equipment. This is an essential component since the reputation of a business depends on the dependability of its machinery. A busy tattoo and piercing business, or Lasik center, for instance, keeps up a brisk pace and needs to be able to count on the equipment that they have.

2. Speed

We all want to feel confident that our instruments are being sterilized thoroughly. That being said, we do not all have all day to wait for this process to be completed. The scican statim 5000 works through its cycle quickly and efficiently: the sterilization process is completed in a total of nine minutes.

3. Technology

One feature that sets the scican statim 5000 autoclave apart from other sterilizers is its technology. The scican statim 5000 autoclave uses a system which provides injections of steam into the sterilizer. This system expels air, which causes oxidation, and provides a consistent temperature.

4. Easy Maintenance

This sterilizer is highly reliable, as stated. But almost equally important is how easy it is to use and maintain. Even refurbished autoclaves have a great track record in terms of repairs with statim 5000 parts and maintenance. If you need several autoclaves for the business that you are running, you might want to consider purchasing some refurbished autoclaves for sale in the aftermarket, such as an eBay autoclave.

Another advantage of using this autoclave is its wide range of applications. For instance, it could be used as an autoclave for veterinarians, an ophthalmology office, a nail autoclave in a salon, or as an autoclave tattoo sterilizer. While autoclave repair services can be quite expensive, the durability of the scican statim 5000 makes it a good investment for any business that requires using instruments that need to be sterilized on a regular basis.

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