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That’s right… hang on tight… because we are one of the very first businesses to have been awarded with THE HOTTEST sterilization product to come onto the scene in many years. We are talking about none other than the StatClave G4, the newest innovation in sterilization from the highly reputable infection control specialists out of Canada SciCan Ltd.

What Is a StatClave G4?

SciCan has designed a new Type-B autoclave and they are calling it the StatClave G4. It is an amazing platform that goes above and beyond anything on the market today. It is actually designed to evolve with the ever-changing infection control policies that are currently in place. It is a large chambered autoclave that has a ton of capacity and multiple cycles to choose from. One of the best features is that SciCan designed it so it is user-friendly and technologically superior.

More Capacity with Faster Sterilization

The StatClave G4 has an 11 inch chamber that will hold a whole lot of instruments. It comes with dividers to process cassettes, racks for doing pouched instruments, and even mesh trays to handle loose instruments. However, that in no way will slow it down. It is a type-B autoclave using a vacuum to help with air removal in the drying process which makes it extremely fast. In fact, it can run a solid wrapped cycle in approximately 40 – 45 minutes. And that is almost 30 minutes quicker than the closest competitor on the market.

New Technology Changing the Game

It has so many cycle choices that it is amazing. In fact besides the wrapped cycles, unwrapped cycles, hollow cycles, etc… You will actually have the ability to program custom cycles when needed. SciCan added this feature to help the doctors as they progress into more invasive and involved procedures. Now they can create a custom cycle that is specific to their individual needs or methods.

The StatClave G4 is also changing the way the sterilization timing is completed. It actually allows you to set a cycle before you leave at night that will run early the next morning and complete just before you arrive for your first patient. This gives the ability to arrive to fresh, clean, and sterile instruments for your first procedure of the morning.

Saving Data Was Never So Easy

Besides all the amazing mechanical ability the StatClave G4 is also phenomenal in the technical side of the game. It has the G4 technology which brings a massive amount of functionality for recording and storing data. The unit can record all the cycle data onto an internal USB drive, there’s an SD Card behind the screen which duplicates all the data, and it can even email all the data directly to SciCan for free storage in their cloud. Or if that’s not enough you can also create an optional free Gmail account to keep your data stored in a separate account.

The StatClave Even Helps Itself If There’s a Problem

The SciCan StatClave G4 is so smart that if anything goes wrong it will automatically email the factory with the problem. Once SciCan knows the issue they will immediately email the doctor’s service technician of choice insuring that everyone rapidly knows there is a concern. In fact it can email the front desk so they know there’s an issue even before the staff in the back knows. It can’t get any easier than this!

Don’t Worry We Have You Covered

We could go on and on raving about this new amazing piece of technology for some time. There are many features that we haven’t even mentioned yet. But we want to stop and get the word out right away. We can now help you get the most advanced, fastest, smartest, and helpful autoclave on the market today. And we promise to do it like we always do… with the best service and support anywhere.

You can find the StatClave right here at Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions and we will continue to add more information as we can. We will be doing tech and help videos on the unit as well as all the processes it does. And we will of course have sales, service, and parts for anything you may need.

Stay tuned here or give us a call with any questions you may have regarding the Brand New SciCan StatClave Autoclave. We are here to help you with this as well as any other autoclave needs you may have.



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