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Why You Should Be Sterilizing with a Statim Autoclave Leave a comment

Dealing in any type of work environment that requires thorough sterilization can be a major challenge in today’s world. That’s why autoclaves are so important. But if you’re making your first moves into an industry that requires autoclaves, it might be tough to know where to start. In this simple guide, we’ll explain how Statim 5000 autoclaves can improve your sterilization process.

Understand Bacteria Basics

First off, it’s helpful to understand some of the basics about bacteria, and why proper steam sterilization is so important. French chemist Louis Pasteur found that bacteria can be killed at 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-19th century. To kill microorganisms, he invented the sterilization technique of boiling or heating instruments and his efforts eventually led to the use of the autoclave as a standard medical tool. Even though devices such as the Statim 5000 have become commonplace, there are still many businesses that do not understand the uses or importance of this revolutionary device.

Looking at the Benefits of Statim Autoclaves

The benefits of a device like the Statim 5000 are numerous. Perhaps the greatest is that you can save valuable time and money by hastening the sterilization process. Ensuring that tools and equipment are safe for usage can be time-consuming if you haven’t outsourced the process to an autoclave. Of course, safety is also of utmost importance, not only for the reputation of your business but for the adherence to legal standards. With a Statim autoclave, you can be sure that all of your equipment is ready for use without any potential safety comprises.

Non-Autoclave Sterilization Can’t Compete

Hard to reach surfaces, small components, and complex bacterial environments all create the potential for contamination. Depending on your specific work environment, your equipment may even be at a higher risk of contamination than you think. Through the use of autoclaves, you can be 100% certain that your clients aren’t taking on any risk due to a lackluster sterilization process. Steam autoclaves give you the confidence to present your services in the best light possible.

If you’re not sure where to find a machine like a Statim 5000, then feel free to contact us today. With industry-specific expertise and knowledge, we can get you started on finding the steam autoclave that is a perfect fit for your business and your budget. Proper sterilization should never be overlooked, and by investing in the right machine, you’re ensuring that your clients stay happy and healthy for years to come.

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