SciCan Statclave G4 vs. Midmark M11 Comparison

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Midmark M-11 vs Scican StatClave G4

In our quest to provide information for Autoclave / Sterilizer users we decided to start a series of informational videos that can show a simple and straight forward comparison between similar units. For our second installment we didn’t even have to choose what to compare, as Scican came out with a Brand New Amazing Autoclave. It is called the “Scican StatClave G4 and is a machine that will rival both autoclaves from the last article in this series the “Midmark M-11 vs Tuttnauer EZ11 Plus Comparison”. So with that we have decided to stand it up against one it’s main competitors and see how it stacks up.

What will we cover?

Some points will include:

  • Chamber Size – Pretty simple rule: The larger the chamber the more you can clean in one cycle.
  • Volume – And the more water they hold the more cycles they can run without any added work.
  • Cycle Time – Very important because the time it takes to sterilize and then to dry completely makes an immense difference in productivity.
  • And More – Display, design, ease of use, and many other design features.

What’s the Difference?!

Clients Always Ask: “The price and looks are about the same… so which one of these autoclaves would work the best for me?” So here we want to show you some of the specs to give you an idea of the differences in size and basic functionality.


Chamber Size:

The Scican StatClave G4 has a chamber that is 11″.
The Midmark M-11 has a slightly smaller chamber at 11″.


The Scican StatClave G4 comes with 4 Large Trays included.
The Midmark M-11 comes with 4 Trays (2 Large + 2 Small) included.


The Scican StatClave G4 has 4 Full Size and 4 Exam Size Cassettes. The cassette rack is included in the purchase.
The Midmark M-11 comes with 4 Full Size and 4 Small (less than half size) Cassettes. Their use requires an Accessory Rack that is not included.


The Scican StatClave G4 holds 6.87 gal (26 liters).
The Midmark M-11 holds 6.5 gal (24.6 liters).


The Scican StatClave G4 door stays closed at the end of the cycle which maintains sterility.
The Midmark M-11 door opens at the end of the cycle which doesn’t maintain sterility.


The Scican StatClave G4 has a Multi-Color Display that makes for easy reading even at a distance.
The Midmark M-11 is only fitted with a 1 Color LCD which can be very difficult to read at some angles and distances.


TheScican StatClave G4 has a Modern, Clean, and Cutting Edge appearance.
The Midmark M-11 still has the Old-Fashioned look of many earlier model machines.


The Scican StatClave G4 has a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
The Midmark M-11 also comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

G4 Technology:

The Scican StatClave G4 uses a WiFi connection to send cycle data, instructions, and more to all your smart devices.
The Midmark M-11 does not have G4 Technology.

G4 Technology:

The Scican StatClave G4 uses Pre and Post Vacuum Drying to run complete cycles as fast as 38 minutes.
The Midmark M-11 cycles take 60 minutes PLUS.

Final Notes on Midmark M-11 vs Scican StatClave G4!

We know different businesses need different machines and we do not endorse one machine over another. We are just providing head to head information for general knowledge. With this comparison we believe you can see easily that both autoclave sterilizers will get the job done. But through design, function, technology, and ease of use there is one whose abilities seem to outweigh the others. These differences may seem small but especially over time go a long way to ensure savings in money, time, and resources.


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