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Using a Steam Autoclave to Maintain a Safe Work Environment for Employees and Customers Leave a comment

Steam autoclaves are a necessary part of maintaining a safe work environment for veterinarian offices, tattoo shops, and medical facilities. Trying to sterilize specialized tools and equipment using outdated methods can propel your business towards safety violations and unnecessary complications. By using a device like a statim autoclave, you ensure that your equipment is sterilized using the best, modern methods that maintain safety and cleanliness so you can focus on providing the best service possible.

A statim autoclave uses steam to sterilize important tools and equipment so that you can avoid contamination. Staying safe and clean is a crucial step for your business, regardless of your industry. Most statim autoclaves use steam-distilled water to clean your equipment. Even though the device will clean all items, it’s suggested that you wash, rinse, and dry your items before placing them in a statim autoclave. You’ll also want to check that the autoclave is level and balanced before you place anything in the unit. Doing so ensures that the statim autoclave can operate without any issues that may result from being placed on an uneven surface.

Sterilizer repairs and maintenance are important to consider as part of a routine schedule. When it comes to meeting all federal regulations, there’s no point in cutting corners. Sterilization machines such as autoclaves must be regularly tested and serviced to ensure proper function and sterilization. A spore test should be used on each sterilizer at least weekly, according to the Center for Disease Control. Taking such considerations into account will ensure that your equipment continues to operate in accordance with regulations, while also maintaining a safe, clean work environment for employees and customers alike.

Understanding the importance of proper sterilization is the first step toward ensuring your workplace is the best it can possibly be. If you’re searching for a statim sterilizer, but you’re not sure where to look, then contact us today! We can help you find the machine that fits your needs so you can maintain a happy, healthy work environment for your employees and your customers.

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