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Hello Everyone! Jason here from Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina… and do I have a special treat for you!!! The Buzz has been on the street for a few months but the time has finally come!

Scican, the manufacturer of the well-known Statim (the FASTEST Autoclave on the planet “Start to Sterile”), has a brand new Chamber Autoclave called the “Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave” which is shown in front of you. Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is so proud to be among the first in the country to get our hands on one. I am honored to give a high overview of the Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave. This will be the first of many tutorials to come over the next several days and weeks. So without further ado let’s dive in.

The Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave has REMARKABLE SPEED… STERILIZING and DRYING in as little as 38 Minutes!!! How is this possible you ask?! The Statclave is a “Class B” vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both a pre-sterilization vacuum to improve steam penetration and a post-sterilization vacuum to improve drying. HEADS UP MEDICAL COMMUNITY- regulations are coming and “Closed Door Drying” is the future of sterilization.

Let’s talk about Capacity and Accessories: The Statclave G4 has an 11 inch chamber and can sterilize up to 4 Full Size Cassettes and 4 Exam Cassettes… or up to 20 pouches. It can sterilize a REMARKABLE 14 pounds of equipment at any given point and time. As you can see, it comes with 4 standard Autoclave trays. But it also comes with 2 pouch racks. You can also rotate the racks 90 degrees… so it is extremely versatile and flexible in how and what you put in the chamber for sterilization.

The Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave also comes with the “G4 Technology” you know and love. Connecting via Wi-Fi to Scican’s network, cycles and cycle faults can be detected and pre-emptive phone calls can be made by a technician to help troubleshoot any potential issues. It can also send data to your Smart Devices for extra safety and storage collection.

Warranty: The Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave comes with an unheard of 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty! I’ll say that again… A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY! Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is your “One Stop Shop” for All Things Autoclave! Sales, Service, Parts, and Repair. Visit us at https://statimusa.com/ Or give us a call at 704-966-1650. S.A.S. is changing the autoclave industry “One Autoclave and One Client at a Time”… That is the “SAS GUARANTEE!”

See or Purchase the Scican Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave here: https://statimusa.com/product-category/scican/new-statclave-g4/

Scican Statclave Manual

See manual below for more information.

Statclave G4 Operations Manual

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