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Tuttnauer Ez10 Autoclave Repair for High Temp Error
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We are going to do a quick video that shows a repair for ALL Tuttnauer E Model Sterilizers including the EZ9 and EZ10 Models. This Customer is getting a “High Temp” alarm and this will be for one of two reasons. Reason #1 – The Ez10 is not getting enough water in the chamber. That could be because of the water pump- if the water pump isn’t working properly it won’t pump enough water in and therefore get the “High Temp” error that way.

If Needed Purchase the Water Pump Here: https://statimusa.com/product/rpi-part-tuttnauer-door-switch-rpi-part-tus014-oem-part-01910190-copy/

Reason #2 – One of the valves is clogged or bad and therefore when the machine is building up pressure it actually blows all the water back into the reservoir. With this particular machine, we found the that Reason #2, the vent valve, is the problem, so we will show you how to repair or replace that particular valve. You will want to remove the cover from the Ez10 by removing the screws with a phillips screwdriver. There is also a back piece that it is recommended you remove, in addition, for easier access while you work.

Once that is done, the first step is to open the door. From here you will be able to drain all the water from the reservoir by unscrewing the knob in the lower left hand corner. You can also use a Shopvac to suck out all the water if you prefer to do that. To remove the valve in question, to see if it is clogged or bad, use an adjustable wrench and unscrew the nut.

Once that is complete the solenoid will lift off and you can then use a 7/9″ wrench (or the appropriate adjustable wrench) to remove the valve. If at any time during this repair (or any other repair) you have questions or get stuck, feel free to contact us. Just give us a call at 704-966-1650 so we can help you through this because you do not want to break anything.

When you lift the top off, you will see the plunger right away. This is where many times there will be debris or something stuck there or on top of the hole in the valve. And on poorly maintained units, you will see that hole corroded beyond repair, which will cause it to constantly bleed water back into the reservoir . You want to be certain there is nothing clogging the plunger, and that there is no corrosion, cuts, or anything blocking the hole in the valve.

Once that is complete you can screw the top back onto the valve. Make sure you test the plunger for proper operation and then hold the plunger in while you are placing it back onto the valve. It is quite easy to screw in from there. The main thing to watch for is that you DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the part as you are screwing it back on.

As always if you need any more help with this or any other repair issues please just give us a call at 704-966-1650 or chat with us on our website at https://statimusa.com/

For the full manual, see the link below.

Tuttnauer Maintenance Manual

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