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We are now offering FREE Autoclave Technical Support for Life for ANYONE!!!




Did you read that right?

Yes you did… Absolutely Free Autoclave Technical Support to Anyone Anywhere in the US!

How can free autoclave technical support even work?

As you can see in our video we have many full time autoclave technicians who do nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe autoclave sales, service, and repair. And we will always have someone at the ready to answer when you call for help.

What happens when you call us for help?

When you call us at 704-966-1650 option 3 you will get a Live Person to help you diagnose your issue or answer any questions you may have. And that is not just the first call but each and EVERY time you call. We will always have someone there to help you alleviate your autoclave issues.

Can you get free technical support without calling?

You absolutely can. We specialize in Scican, Midmark, and Tuttnauer tabletop autoclaves and besides the phone calls we also have tutorials, and videos to help with many of the common problems you may have with one of their autoclaves.

Why does Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions offer Free Autoclave Technical Support?

Because Our Goal is This!

Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is committed to changing the autoclave industry One Customer and One Autoclave at a time!

That is the SAS Guarantee!

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