Autoclave Cleaning

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Do You Even Need to Clean Your Autoclave?

All tools and machines need some kind of maintenance to keep running efficiently and have a long operating life. But an Autoclave Sterilizer keeps everything super sterilized so why would I ever need to clean it.

Autoclaves Get Dirty Too!

Autoclave chambers are subjected to extreme heat, pressure, and multiple types of chemicals. The constant cycling to clean instruments causes a buildup of surface contaminants from oxidation, wrapper components, boiler chemicals, and more. The main problem with this is that as the contamination gets denser than the cleaning cycle process isn’t as efficient. So you might have to start putting materials through multiple cycles.

If left alone for long the oxidation can actually act as a heat-absorbing insulator. That will cause uneven heating in the chamber. And it will also slow the process which can cause parts malfunctions, error readings, and even increase the amount of energy used for a cycle. So not only are you damaging the autoclave but you are also spending more money on your utilities.

“Wet Packs” are another very familiar problem for many autoclave operators. They cause spots that allow bacteria to penetrate the pack and contaminate the contents. Wet Packs come from layers of oxidation coming loose and result in having to re-sterilize the contents of the pack.


How Can You Keep Your Autoclave Clean?

Keeping your autoclave clean and serviceable can be done in a few different ways.

You can always let the autoclave run cycles until it fails and you have to send it in to be professionally cleaned and repaired (which will be extremely costly and time-consuming). Or you can choose to have a preventive maintenance program that will keep the autoclave clean, and working highly efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

We offer a FREE Maintenance Program to take the hassle out of trying to remember what needs to be done and when. We keep track of your autoclave sterilizer and contact you when it is time for any service to be done.


Can You Use Any Type of Cleaner?

Although there are several autoclave cleaners on the market you want to insure you are using one that does not do any immediate or long term damage to your autoclave or your employees and patients.

You do not want to use any harsh chemicals that can cause fumes when you start the autoclave back in service. And you don’t want to use any cleaning products that contain ammonia or chlorine as they will do damage to the interior finish of the autoclave which will, in turn, cause heating and sterilizing issues.


What is the Best Autoclave Cleaner to Use?

At Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions we are passionate about autoclave safety and functionality. Having used several different types of cleaners we could never find one that could both clean as we needed and still be as safe as we expected.

So we did the only thing we thought was right. At Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions we have developed our own proprietary autoclave cleaner. It not only does an amazing job at cleaning but is also ABSOLUTELY Chemical Free. And best of all it is safe for the autoclave, the environment, and your patients.

That cleaner, which is our choice above all others is OptiClave Autoclave Cleaner.

OptiClave Autoclave Cleaner is made from enzymes that are non-toxic, and it contains no caustic or poisonous chemicals. The balance of ingredients is so clean that OptiClave is not classified as hazardous in any way under OSHA Standards.

OpitClave can save you time because it’s so easy to use and does such a thorough job. It is also simple to use so autoclave techs can do maintenance more efficiently and quicker which saves a lot of money and headaches. And of course, it also prolongs the life of your autoclave which also can save you thousands in down-time and repair or replacement costs.


Where can you find OptiClave?

That is easy also…. We sell OptiClave by the Single Bottle, and even by the Case.

But even if you don’t use OptiClave it is very important to keep your autoclave operating safely and efficiently. So please keep up with a maintenance schedule that will allow for that.

Proper maintenance is so beneficial we offer a FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM even if you aren’t our customer.

If you have questions about this or any other product on the Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions site please contact us at 704.966.1650 and allow us to help you

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