How to Troubleshoot Scican Statim G4

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What does a Statim G4 Cycle Fault 1 mean?

The cycle fault 1 error in a Scican Statim G4 means that “The temperature failed to reach 90 degrees Celsius within a timeout period.”

Where do you start?

The first thing you want to check is if the cassette is over-packed, it has an extremely large load, or if it has a steam leak. If there are any instruments inside the cassette when you are receiving the Cycle Fault 1 Error Code you want to remove all of them and then run another cycle.

If you still have the problem after that we are going to go to the next step and address the cassette seal.

What do I do with the Cassette Seal?

You want to start by double checking all the little rubber blocks around the edge. Make sure they are all in the right place, and check the back and make sure they are all in the right place there also. Next, you want to lubricate the seal with some NON-DETERGENT soap, then put the cassette back together and in, and run another cycle.

Note: If the cassette seal is not replaced every 6 months or 500 cycles, or if it’s not properly maintained with lubricant etcetera, then it has a good chance of failing prematurely. If you are not certain of when your machines were checked or NEED to be checked we can help you with our FREE Preventive Maintenance Program.

What if that Doesn’t Help?

If you still continue to receive the error of Cycle Fault 1 and you have already checked the load, and have already addressed a possible steam leak then it could be a boiler issue.

How do I check that?

If the boiler doesn’t heat up properly we need to check the double thermal fuse. You will want to use a multi-meter and check the double thermal fuse.

The double thermal fuse (if you look in by the boiler) runs from the side post along underneath the boiler, through the machine, and all the way up to the backside of the PC Board. On the PC Board it is Wire #3. You take one lead (from the multi-meter) and put it on the post, and go to the PC Board and put one lead on there. When you do this you want it to beep because if it does beep it means the double thermal fuse is good.

Can I Do This Work Myself?

The end-user repairs for a Statim G4 Cycle Fault 1 are going to be the cassette seal, or taking the instruments out and running an empty cycle making sure that there wasn’t too much weight in the cassette causing an error.

Normally however this fault comes from a blown double thermal fuse. That is something that possibly an end-user could do, but we would recommend you send it in for repair.

There are a couple of other things that you can check on the board with the multi-meter but none of these are end-user repairs.

Unfortunately other than those simple checks there is not too much you can do as an end-user so you should send it in to a facility like ours.

What if I have more questions?

As always we want to remind you that we offer FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT to anyone (even if your not our customer). Please give us a call, email, or chat with us live on our site and we can help you with your problems. We are your “One Stop Shop for All Things Autoclave” and have the knowledge and resources to help you out of situations like a Scican Statim G4 Cycle Fault 1.

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