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Why Should You Choose Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions?

Because when you choose Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions you are choosing the largest independent autoclave sales, service and repair company in the nation and we want to help you!

We know… we know… there are a lot of companies that say they want to help. And you are right to wonder what makes us different. So in this article we want to lay out some of the ways and reasons we have shown, and continue to prove that we are the Number 1 Choice and “One Stop Shop for All Things Autoclave.”

FREE Technical Support

Having problems with error codes or other mechanical issues. We can help you with our FREE technical support on any of your autoclaves. And we give you the free technical support even if you didn’t buy them from us! Just call us at 704-966-1650 and press Option 3 for technical support!

FREE Preventive Maintenance Program

Are you tired of trying to keep up with which autoclave needs what maintenance and when it needs it? We offer a FREE autoclave preventative maintenance program. No more worries about which, what, and when because we will alert you when your maintenance is due for each autoclave. And it will be on time, every time!

FREE Shipping on Everything

That’s right we ship anything you purchase off our site absolutely free. From the largest new or refurbished autoclave to the smallest autoclave part. We ship for free on the same day you order your item.

FREE Autoclave Repair Estimates.

When you send in an inoperable autoclave for service or repair we will troubleshoot and test the unit for free. We want you to be comfortable knowing that it’s not going to cost you just to have your autoclave checked out. And again… autoclave repair estimates are free even if you didn’t purchase it from us.

FREE Knowledge Resources

We offer a vast How-to and Troubleshooting video library for the time crunched individual. You can relax and learn on your own time at StatimUSA.com or our YouTube channel!

FREE Loaners

We know what an integral part of daily operations include your autoclave. And we also know that the last thing you need is for your equipment sterilization process to be halted. So instead of you having to shut down operations, we offer autoclave loaners while you are getting repair work done with Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions!

Other Perks We Offer

WE BUY BACK YOUR OLD AUTOCLAVE or you can use it as credit towards another purchase from us!

MULTI-YEAR Warranties are available for all new and refurbished autoclaves! We even offer an unheard of LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!

TURNAROUND TIMES – our turnaround times are blazingly fast at 2-3 business days on any repair!

We Can Truly Help You

Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is the fastest growing autoclave company in the nation for a reason, and we are changing the autoclave industry one client and one autoclave at a time.  Please allow us to provide you the most exceptional service you have ever received!  We do nothing but work on autoclaves and sterilizers every day. So you can rest assured, you are in great hands!

Please feel free to give us a call, chat with us on our website, or send us an email and let us know how we can help you get the most out of your autoclave.

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