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Why is Choosing a Disinfectant so Difficult?

Choosing a disinfectant that is right for the job is a huge deal. Daily operations in a medical facility of any kind are a non-stop battle. It’s a constant fight with germs, viruses, and a multitude of other medical issues. The job of the facilities is not only to keep a clean safe environment for the patients. Cleanliness must be maintained for everyone that will visit the facilities for other reasons also.

Multiple types of inanimate surfaces in dental and medical treatment areas are constantly under attack. They can be coated and contaminated with saliva, blood, and other substances and secretions. Because of this, the need for effective surface asepsis is an ongoing issue. Cleanliness either by use of surface barrier covers or chemical disinfectants cannot be minimized.

What is the Problem?

Surface barriers are not always cost-effective or even practical in high traffic areas. Many people are walking through, sitting on, laying on, leaning against, or even playing on the seats, tables, walls, and floors. Because of that, there is usually an army of employees that are in the front line battle to keep surfaces free of anything that can be infected. The main tool used in the constant fight against contamination during open hours is wipes and sprays.

The common practice in medical facilities is to “wipe down” equipment between patients and do complete cleaning at night. With this method, the cleaning equipment and smell don’t get in the way of daily operations when many clients and staff are occupying the clinic. But this also means that the product being used all day needs to “clean” as well as “disinfect.” Another concern is to not choose a disinfectant that is toxic and going to slowly “break-down” their equipment.

What are the Main Concerns?

One of the main stated considerations is the constant cleaning between patients. It’s necessary to choose a disinfectant that achieves broad-spectrum germicidal efficacy in rapid and realistic contact times to ensure pathogens of concern are eradicated. It is not only necessary to ensure that surfaces are disinfected multiple times a day. But also that the equipment is being cleaned on a continuing basis. They do not want to allow a buildup of contaminants. Doing that will cause health risks or require extreme cleaning at a later date.

How do Clinicians Choose?

When choosing a disinfectant product, clinicians report that safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are the biggest factors in their choices. They have stated overwhelmingly that disinfectant products should be non-toxic and should not cause any harm to users, patients, and visitors.

In their facilities where disinfection is required they try and choose products with the lowest toxicity and flammability rating. And they also choose products that require the least personal equipment needed by employees to provide protection from exposure to adverse health effects from the products they are using.

Where can I find more Information?

Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is going to start finding all the information we can. We want to compare products to help you choose which disinfectant to use for the job. We will get all the pertinent specifications on each disinfectant product and stand them up against each other. This information will hopefully make it easier for you to make an informed choice in the products you need to purchase.


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