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The Top 10 Reasons to Buy Tuttnauer Free Standing Autoclaves Leave a comment

As Experts in Sterilization and Infection Control, We Best Understand the Market’s Varying Needs

1 – Over 90 Years of Experience

Tuttnauer has been a trusted leader in sterilization and infection control since 1925.

2 – Marketplace Needs

They have a large selection of chamber sizes and doors. They also include and offer custom applications.

3 – Pre and Post Vacuum Cycles

Combined they produce effective steam penetration and assisted drying. Reduced cycle times also help to easily exceed “gravity only” autoclaves.

4 – Color Screen Control System

It uses a very user-friendly interface with custom programming. There is also a printer and USB port for transferring cycle data. And this all comes standard.

5 – Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Piping

This type of piping exceeds the quality of brass and copper. So their added longevity and quality reduce maintenance costs.

6 – Non-Proprietary Readily Available Components

Locally sourced items help in providing an ultra-low-cost of ownership.

7 – Air Operated Valves

They are long-lasting, self-cleaning and low maintenance. Costs are significantly reduced here also.

8 – Top-Notch Delivery Service

Safety is a top priority in shipping equipment. One practice is that only “air ride” equipped trucks are used for sale transport.

9 – Dedicated Project Management Team

Floor plans are created for every order. Smooth and worry-free installation are a top priority.

10 – Going Green

Several features and manufacturing techniques have been designed for one reason. That is to reduce utility consumption and their carbon footprint.


Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions Focuses Solely on Sales, Service, Repair, and Parts FOR AUTOCLAVES. All from the leading manufacturers and NOTHING ELSE!

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