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What does a Statim G4 Error Code 3 mean?

The error code 3 in a Scican Statim G4 means that “The cassette has failed to pressurize and achieve a temperature of 110°C within a time-out period.”

Where do you start?

The first thing you want to check is to see if the cassette is sealing properly. Look for visible steam leaks in and around the cassette. The seal, lid, and tray will be the parts to check for leaks.

How do I do check the seal?

Open the cassette and ensure that the seal is seated properly. Be certain that the blocks are all in the right place and seated in the corners properly. Check also that there is no twisting, gouges, or kinks in the seal itself.

It is not a bad idea to remove it and reseat it. You want to lubricate the seal with some NON-DETERGENT soap, reseat it, and then put the cassette back together and in, and run another cycle.

Note: If the cassette seal is not replaced every 6 months or 500 cycles, or if it’s not properly maintained with lubricant etcetera, then it has a good chance of failing prematurely. If you are not certain of when your machines were checked or NEED to be checked we can help you with our FREE Preventive Maintenance Program.

If you still have the problem after that we are going to check the lid and tray.

How do I check the cassette lid and tray?

Take the lid off the tray and set them both on a flat surface. You can quickly tell if there is any warping in either piece. Be certain to check the side walls and corner for any dents or gouges. If there is anything wrong with the integrity of the cassette lid or tray it will not be able to seal properly.

You can find New Statim G4 Cassettes here.

The cassette is good so what’s next?

If you find the cassette to be working properly and you still get the Error Code 3 then the next step is to check the solenoid.

How do I check the solenoid?

A very simple check for a properly working solenoid is to listen as you push the cassette in to a fully seated position. When the cassette goes all the way in you will hear an audible “click”. That click is the solenoid working properly. There should always be a very distinct “click” every time you push the cassette completely in.

If you do not hear that click then the solenoid is sticking for some reason. The coil may be bad, the plunger may be bad, or there might be some dirt that is clogging the system.

For more information you can watch our instructional video on How to disassemble a Solenoid Valve.

And if you need a new Solenoid Valve you can find them here.

Can I Do This Work Myself?

There are only 2 end-user repairs for a Statim G4 Error Code 3. They are going to be the cassette seal and checking the cassette lid and tray.

The Solenoid Valve is listed by Scican as a Field Service Tech Repair. That is something that possibly an end-user could do, but we would recommend you at least contact us and discuss the repair.

What if I have more questions?

As always we want to remind you that we offer FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT to anyone (even if your not our customer). Please give us a call, email, or chat with us live on our site and we can help you with your problems. We are your “One Stop Shop for All Things Autoclave” and have the knowledge and resources to help you out of situations like a Scican Statim G4 Error Code 3.

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