Tuttnauer has developed a Coronavirus Protection Shield to it's Elara Class B Autoclaves disinfection cycle.

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Air Born Contamination Game Changer

Air born contamination has unfortunately become a phrase that everyone suddenly understands more about. With the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world by surprise it has changed our perception and understanding about many things.

Many of the methods and measures that were always satisfactory suddenly aren’t enough. So we have to take a closer look at the processes and procedures we have always thought were sufficient.

The Problem with Air Born Contamination.

During a virus outbreak like we are currently experiencing, cross-contamination can happen swiftly and easily in a healthcare setting. Furthermore, the doctors, dentists, nurses, lab professionals, and other medical staff are exposed much more than the general public to viral particles in the workplace. If all the professionals that are exposed have to be isolated for long periods it could turn into a severe shortage of healthcare workers on both a national and global scale.

With that thought at the forefront, the hunt is ongoing to find measures that will continue to minimize the extent to which these individuals are exposed to harmful pathogens.

Is There Anything New to Report?

Actually, Yes there is! Tuttnauer has designed a new “Protective Shield” of defense in their autoclaves cleaning cycle process. They have found a way to treat all the contaminated air that gets removed during a sterilization cycle. With this at no point is contaminated air released back into the surrounding area, and air born contamination is significantly reduced.

Don’t All Autoclaves Do That?

No they do not. The first phase of a sterilization cycle is air removal. Complete air removal needs to happen before the sterilization cycle starts because steam is only able to penetrate where air is not present. The newer advanced autoclaves actually use a vacuum to remove the air for better steam penetration and sterilization.

This means that when a contaminated load is placed into the autoclave and the cycle is started all the contaminated air from inside is released back into the area surrounding the autoclave.

What Has Tuttnauer Done to Change That?

Tuttnauer has developed a new “Virus Protection Shield” in its ELARA CLASS B AUTOCLAVE, and the EZ11 PLUS FULLY AUTOMATIC AUTOCLAVE. They has been designed to defend against viruses before the air removal stage of a sterilization cycle. The load and air in the chamber are actually treated to remove viruses like Coronavirus first. When the space inside the autoclave chamber reaches disinfection then, and only then will the air be released back into the surrounding air.

The newly developed phase of the sterilization cycle significantly reduces the risk for contaminated air being released into the work area. This will help create a safe external environment for all users. And will significantly help protect dental and medical clinic staff from air born contamination when sterilizing instruments.


See the Tuttnauer Elara Class B Sterilizers with “Coronavirus Protection Cycle” Here

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