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Statim minimum maintenance requirements after a period of extended non-use as prescribed by Scican Ltd.*

Before using your Scican Statim for the first time after extended periods of non-use, make sure the reservoir is full and the cassette is cleaned.

NOTE: If you did not drain your reservoir and waste bottle prior to closing the office, please start at Step 1. If you drained your reservoir and waste bottle prior to closing your office, please start at Step 3.

1. Drain the water reservoir 

  • a. Place a water container below the unit.
  • b. Using the drain tube located underneath the STATIM, empty the contents of the reservoir into the water container (not available in classic units).
  • c. Remove any remaining water from the reservoir with a non-linting, absorbent towel.

2. Empty the Waste Bottle

3. Fill the Water Reservoir with distilled water

  • a. Remove the reservoir cap
  • b. Pour steam-process distilled water into the reservoir until almost full (a maximum of 4L/1 U.S. gal). Use a funnel to avoid spillage. (VistaPure Autofill can also be used to fill reservoir)
  • c. Replace and secure the reservoir cap.

4. Fill the waste bottle with water to the MIN line

5. Prepare your cassette(s) for use

  • a. Wash the interior of the cassette with dishwashing soap or a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine.
  • b. Scrub the inside with a cleaning pad designed for use with TeflonTM-coated surfaces.
  • c. After removing all traces of the detergent.

6. Once the unit is ready and before any instruments are sterilized

  • a. Run three Wrapped Cycles, including air drying.
    i. If using the VistaCool, ensure the municipal water to the unit is turned on, using the valve connected to the cold-water feed line (blue transparent tubing).
  • b. Wipe the cassette of any residue.

STATIM Potential Issues

Issue/CF: Cycle Fault 10 – (see video here)


  • Blocked cassette ducts, blocked or kinked tube or valve


  • Check cassette for blockages; ensure there are no kinks in the exhaust tube, check unit leveling
Issue/CF: Cycle Fault 26 – (see video here)


  • Calibration imbalance or poor pump delivery


  • Priming the pump
  • Calibration – Call for Service
Issue/CF: Cycle Fault 3 – (see video here)


  • Cassette failed to pressurize and achieve a temperature of 110C within time-out period. Poor cassette maintenance, seal expired, sticky solenoid valve (stuck open), valve leak


  • Perform cassette maintenance, replace seal, clean cassette, adjust cassette bracket, clean solenoid valve, and replace the kit.
  • Inspect the thermocouple if bent, or, if necessary, reinstall and align probe bracket.
  • Run one cycle with cover removed and observe if there is any leak.


Parts You May Need:
Cassette seal for 2000 unit 01-100028S
Cassette seal for 5000 unit 01-101649S
Solenoid valve repair kit 01-100998S

For more information on performing machine maintenance, preparing unit for use and troubleshooting tips, please refer to the STATIM Operator Manual found here.
Note: It is important to follow the recommendation of your local guidelines for the appropriate sterilization monitoring requirements after a period of non-use.

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