This page and videos explain the makings of a proper Scican Statim preventive maintenance schedule.

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This is an update to our 8-17-2017 post “How And When To Maintain Your Statim Autoclave”

A Scican Statim is a beautiful machine and a very wise investment, and one thing is for certain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Statim 2000, Statim 5000, Statim G4 2000, or Statim G4 5000 autoclave, they should all be well taken care of and maintained properly.

Whether you’re a tattoo artist, a veterinary professional, or a medical professional, you’re certain to understand how important your Statim 2000, and Statim 5000 autoclave is to your work and business.

Unfortunately, many owners just don’t take the time to keep a proper maintenance schedule on their sterilizers. And it takes very little time and cost to keep your Scican Statims running at peak performance and functionality. But if you don’t pay attention and let it go it can cost you in many ways. Disregard the maintenance and it can quickly cost you money and time when there is a malfunction or catastrophic failure. And of course, the amount of each depends upon just how long you have let it go.

To ensure that your sterilizer functions the way it should, you need to perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis. But if you’re unsure as to which tasks should be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or just once a year you can do one of two things. You can consult the following schedule, or you can join our FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM and we will let you know all the whens and whats that need to be taken care of.

Is there a lot to do?

Actually no… there are a few daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks that actually take very little time. Doing them continually and on time is the main concern here. Some are done by the operator, some by a field technician, and some need to go to a shop to ensure appropriate procedures are followed for proper functionality and safety.

So Let’s start with daily…

The Daily Scican Statim Maintenance includes:

  • Replacing the water in your Scican Statims reservoir as it’s needed. It’s actually a good idea to drain it at the end of the day. You then let it dry out overnight and replace it with fresh water in the morning.
  • Empty the Waste Bottle. It is a good practice to empty the waste bottle each time you add water to the Scican Statims reservoir. *Use CAUTION as the water may be HOT*
  • Refill your Waste Bottle up to the “MIN” mark and add chlorine-free disinfectant as needed

Next is weekly Scican Statim Maintenance…

Then Every six months or 500 cycles…

And Finally there are Yearly Scican Statim Maintenance checks.

  • Check the seal, lid, and tray for damage (replace if necessary)
  • Inspect the air filter for moisture or dirt (replace if necessary)
  • Replace the check valve
  • Inspect and clean the solenoid valve and pump
  • Inspect the plunger (replace if necessary)
  • Check the air compressor tube for leaks (replace if necessary
  • Calibrate the unit

With so many important components in your sterilizer, it’s important that they all function to the best of their ability. But despite all your best efforts, your Statim 2000/5000 autoclave may fail to do its job at some point. At that time, you’ll need help from autoclave repair services to restore your sterilizer’s function. For more information on maintenance practices, repair services for your autoclave, or purchasing a new sterilizer model, get in touch with Statim USA today.




Here are some helpful videos for this process.

1: How to Replace a Statim 2000 Cassette Seal
2: How to Put a Statim 2000 Cover On and Off Safely
3: How to Safely Take a Cover off a Scican Statim 5000
4: How to Safely Replace the Cover on a Scican Statim 5000
5: How to Tell if Your Statim 5000 Check Valve is Bad
6: Statim 5000 Biological Filter Maintenance
7: How to Replace Your Statim 5000 Check Valve
8: Scican Statim 5000 Cassette Care and Maintenance

You can find all our Help and Instructional Videos Here.


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