How to Remove the Front Facia on an Enbio S Cassette Autoclave

How to Remove the Front Facia from the Enbio S

In this article, we’ll go over how to remove the front facia cover on the Enbio S. The front facia portion of the unit is the plate that houses the door and the LCD display screen. The facia plate is attached with screws and a cable for the door magnet. Like previous mentions of these processes, it sounds simple but this is once again NOT an end-user repair. We recommend a qualified technician take care of this repair. Or it can just be sent in to us, your ONLY U.S. authorized warranty, service and repair center. 

To complete this process, the door and top cover from the Enbio S must have already been removed. We have videos about the Door Removal here, and the Top Cover Removal here

We have an accompanying video available to follow along with here.

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Removing the Front Facia

Ribbon Cable

The first step to removing the front facia is detaching the ribbon cable. There is a single silver ribbon cable that should stand out pretty well. Trace the cable back to the board it’s connected to, find the little black tab holding it in place. The tab itself should lift up, and once it is, just remove the ribbon cable from it carefully. 

Front Screws

Next are the four front screws on the inside of the area where the door sits. These screws aren’t normally visible, but with the door removed, they’re accessible. Using a Torx T20 bit screwdriver, remove the 4 screws and set them aside. Do not discard them or put them somewhere they will get lost or forgotten.

Door Magnet Cable

Next is the door magnet cable connected to the facia plate. The door magnet cable is easy to spot. Just find it and follow it back to its connection on the inner board and disconnect it carefully. Once the cable is removed, the front facia plate should just come right off.

Process Complete

And with that, the removal of the Enbio S Front Facia is complete. We’ve mentioned this before but please remember that this process should be completed by a qualified technician. Or if you feel the need, send it in to us and we’ll take care of it every step of the way. And if you have any questions, you can contact us at the links below.

Attention: Enbio recommends that the described service work be performed by a certified Enbio technician. Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is your United States authorized Enbio warranty, service and repair center.

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