How to Troubleshoot Whistle Sounds Error on an Enbio S Cassette Autoclave

Troubleshooting the “Whistle Sounds” Error on the Enbio S

This is a continuation in our set of articles to help you troubleshoot problems and errors your Enbio S Automatic Autoclave may experience in the form of error codes. We will help you understand why each one displays and the proper steps you should take at that time. Today we will be talking about the troubleshooting process behind the “Whistle Sounds” Error.

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What is the “Whistle Sounds” Error

The “Whistle Sounds” Error is displayed when the unit believes that the door is open even if it isn’t

The Solution: This error could be due to a heavy load on the tray. Take the tray out and inspect it for warping or bending. If there is any visible warping, turn the tray upside down and apply pressure in the center to straighten it out. Unfortunately, if you still receive the error, anything beyond this is NOT an end-user repair. The unit will need to be sent into an Enbio authorized technician if you continue to get the “Whistle Sounds” Error.

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