Product Spotlight: Enbio S Preventative Maintenance Package with Loaner Enbio

Product Spotlight: Enbio S Preventative Maintenance Package w Loaner Enbio S

In a another article, we talked about our new Enbio S Preventative Maintenance Package. What was included and a brief description of each part of the package. However,The EnbioS Automatic Cassette Sterilizer front view. in this article we’re going to mention the other pm package for the Enbio S. This package is for if you want the same package as in this article here, but WITH a loaner Enbio S unit included. If you don’t want a loaner unit included, our product spotlight excluding the loaner is available here. And if you have any questions, you can give us a call at 704-966-1650, and hit option 3 for our Free Tech Support line.

So, in this article, we’re going to tell you about our new Enbio S Preventative Maintenance Package with a Loaner Enbio. This package is meant for servicing your Enbio S at the 1 year or 1,000 cycle mark. And it comes with a variety of items tailored to the preventative maintenance that’ll keep your Enbio S autoclave in great working condition. The kit itself is divided into the 3 sections. The Machine and Vacuum Pump maintenance kits, and the included shipping and labor. 


The Package 

This time around, the Enbio S PM Package consists of 4 sections we’ll go over. Unlike the previous package we mentioned above, this PM Package comes with a loaner Enbio S unit. Therefor, we’ll use one section to briefly mention the financial benefits of possibly loaning the Enbio S itself. The Machine and Vacuum Pump maintenance kits, loaner Enbio and shipping. So let’s get started with the thing that sets this package apart, the loaner Enbio S. 

Loaner Enbio S

Unlike the kit we mentioned previously, this PM Package comes with a loaned Enbio S unit. We have loaner units available any time with our loaning program for loaner or demo units for whatever you might need. If you;re just looking for a standard demo unit for your practice, we can do that. Practicing practitioners always work better with a hands on approach, and a demo unit can provide like no other. And with better rates and services than the competitors no less. But demonstration isn;t all this loaner can be good for. 

Loaner units also give you the benefits of using a similar unit to one that may be out of service. Even if it’s a temporary solution, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the sterilization power you had. Especially not when you can get a loaner of the same model in its stead.

Machine Kit 

The Machine Maintenance Kit contains the items that would need to be generally replaced on the machine after 1 year or 1,000 cycles. Not focused to a specific area on the machine, just general maintenance areas like the gasket, warranty seal, tray, etc. This kit specifically contains the following items: 

  • Gasket Enbio S
  • 4x Screw BN9524 M3x5
  • 2x Valve CEME Pv782
  • Venair Tube 10mm x 5mm
  • Enbio S Tray
  • Pneumatic push in Fitting M5
  • HEPA Filter
  • Class B Sterilizer Sticker
  • Warranty Seal
Vacuum Pump Kit

Now onto the Vacuum Pump Maintenance Kit that’s included in this bundle. Unlike the other kit in this bundle, the Vacuum Pump Kit is meant for exactly what it’s named after. These parts are all meant to help maintain the Enbio S vacuum pump when it’s required to do so. The parts included in this kit are the following: 

  • Bag with adhesive tape 40 x 50 PP BOT 30
  • Self seal bag 70×100
  • Check valve EPDM black
  • Check_valve_ULVAC_pump
  • Membrane vulcollan
  • Membrane holder ULVAC vulcolan
  • Screw M3 to check valve vacuum pump
Shipping and Labor 

When it comes to shipping and labor, this package has it all for you. And with the presence of a loaner, it can make things easier. If your Enbio S is out of commission and you need a loaner, we’ll send you the loaner in a box. Once you get the loaner, send your damaged unit to us in that same box. When we get your unit in, we’ll fix it up to spec and send it back. Then you can take that same box your unit came back in and ship us the loaner. And we’ll cover all of the shipping throughout this whole process!


Final Thoughts

We’ve mentioned before that preventative maintenance can be a hassle to keep track of. Especially over long periods of time. So we like to make sure that we can make the process as painless as possible. And we also enjoy finding new ways to accomplish that goal, and we believe this is one of those ways. Our Enbio S PM Package is just another way that we make the hard work easy for you. No need to worry about what parts you’ll need after a year, because we’ve got you covered. 2 professional maintenance kits ready to go whenever you are, put together in a convenient package. And you can find the Enbio S PM Package here for purchase. 

As always if you have any questions about this process or anything else please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our “FREE TECH SUPPORT.”

We also offer FREE VIRTUAL TECH SUPPORT to “See and Talk” with a “Real Time Live Technician” for any problems you may be in need of help with.

You can also use our “FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM”. Take the guesswork and worrying about what unit is due for maintenance and which maintenance cycle it is time for. We will keep track of all your autoclaves and let you know when it’s time for anything.

The Enbio S Preventative Maintenance Package with Loaner Enbio is available here.